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The Daily Page - 11-07-10

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

Reveal The World Of Roots


The spiritual world is a world of qualities, forces, desires, and intentions. There are just two forces, or two desires: reception and bestowal. Everything else comes from their interaction and inclusion inside each other. When the desire to bestow joins the desire to receive pleasure, it evokes the force of opposition in it, a screen, Aviut (thickness, coarseness of desire), Zakut (purity, fineness of desire), and so on.

Yet, there are only two forces operating in the entire universe and they are mutually incorporated inside one another. This is what we learn in the four phases of the expansion of the Direct Light. Nothing else exists. "Existence from existence" (Yesh Mi Yesh) is the force of bestowal, and "existence from absence" (Yesh Mi Ein) is the force of reception that was created inside it.

Everything else forms from the opposition between these two forces. It is impossible to imagine anything besides them since we imagine everything else detached from the true sensation. If you desire to return to the true sensation, then you must make efforts to try to return to the authentic picture, as if gaining consciousness from an unconscious state.

Therefore, when reading Kabbalistic articles or The Book of Zohar, and even when going about our business in this world, we have to try to reveal the forces that govern us, the roots of what we perceive in this "seeming" world. When reading The Zohar, we must constantly make these efforts. If you are always trying to reveal, using this book's text, the qualitative picture, the picture of qualities, forces, and desires, then by doing so you evoke upon yourself the force from that state, from the two forces of reception and bestowal, and this influences you.

The Zohar speaks about how to find the connection between the two forces. This is all of reality. It doesn't matter what exactly I am reading: Aba ve Ima, ZON, ascending, descending, the state of adulthood (Gadlut), the state of smallness (Katnut), and so on. In actuality, there are no words in the sensation of the spiritual world. There is just a combination of two forces in all sorts of forms, and that is the true reality, the only one that exists.

One quality belongs to creation and the other one to the Creator. It is impossible to speak about one without the other, but only about the connection between them, ranging from nearly total disconnection to total unity.

-from the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/11/10


A Time For Studying And A Time For Dancing


Question: You say that the Light that Reforms can only be drawn from the lesson. Then what's the point of singing, dancing, and holding friends' assemblies at the forthcoming Mega-Congress?

Dr. Laitman's Answer: All of nature's systems come from the four phases of the expansion of Direct Light. And what happens there is the combination of just two forces: reception and bestowal, or the Light of Hassadim and the Light of Hochma, respectively.

They work like a piston: one part is filled while the other is emptied, and so on, one after the other. This sequential filling and emptying takes place in phases Alef (1), Bet (2), Gimel (3), and Dalet (4). All the systems in our world operate according to this principle as well, similar to the pulsation of the heart. There is no movement without alternating filling and emptying.

The same thing happens in our spiritual progress: in one period we study, and in another period we unite, dance, and sing. The two periods have to alternate.

Our world is built in such a way that a person has to work, eat, and raise children. In essence, what are we doing in all of these actions? We are communicating with ourselves and the Creator, and without realizing it we are transferring these two forces, reception and bestowal, from one quality to another. KeterHochmaBinaZeir Anpin, and Malchut, the Light of Hochma and the Light of Hassadim, one becomes filled while the other is emptied. (See Part 5 of Talmud Eser Sefirot, "Mati Ve Lo Mati"-"The Light's entrance and exit in the soul.")

Therefore, there's a time for unifying and a time for studying. That is what Kabbalists have ordained. That's why we hold a friends' assembly once a week, regional unity events once a month, and a worldwide Congress once every several months.


 -from the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/11/10


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