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The Daily Page - 21-10-09

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

Revealing The Creator In The Connection With Others


We do not realize that in the preparation stage we reveal inside of us an infinite vessel, which we will correct in later stages of "Repentance from Fear" and "Repentance from Love." Therefore the preparation period is the most important one of all, and also the most difficult. What happens after the preparation period is relatively easy. From the moment one enters the revelation stage "One Learns from One's Soul." Therefore we must respect and ascribe importance to the period we are currently undergoing and not erase it, but understand that the smallest advancement during this period is already a great step on our path to revelation. For now one feels bad sometimes and good sometimes, meaning he judges his state according to his mood. Later on he begins to determine the bad and the good in accordance with his understanding of the process he is going through. But both of those state-evaluation forms are egoistic.

Eventually one discovers that he has not attained a thing after all the states he went through and all the efforts he exerted, and then the suffering softens him and he begins to hear that he is dependent upon the group, and only from it can he receive new vessels to build his soul. At first he cannot understand what it means to buy desires from other people, and only later on he begins to realize that the desire for spirituality does not exist in him, and will not exist either, unless he receives it from the others.

A person who begins to search among the group, the force that will influence him, the desires for connection, for Divinity, begins to feel that he is looking for voids within it, without which he will not be able to reveal the Creator. Such voids are revealed in the connection between him and the others as an increasing feeling of lack of connection. And the more one is lacking this connection with the others, within that lack of connection with the others, he begins to feel the lack of connection with the Creator, the necessity of the Light that reforms.

All of those sensations slowly accumulate in us, out of the small actions which we perform on the way.



One On One


These days, in our development, we have entered a global system, in which we are all connected to one another. If in the past each one developed on his own, we have now reached a stage where we all belong to a single system, and thus we have become reversed to the Creator, who is also One.

This is a new state which we have not faced before. In the past, every one of us was somewhat of an egoist, and everything we went through had occurred in order to raise us, each one according to his ego. But now the Light operates on us for the purpose of bringing us to correct partnership between us. And this is a completely different kind of Light - a Light that makes us opposite to the Creator. If so, where is the major change? It is in that the Creator is "One," and in the past there were seven billion of us. And now it is time for us to be "As One Man in One Heart."

The fact that we have yet to reach this state, even though we became one, makes us feel the contradiction between us and the Creator. In the past, nature never beat us with such firm blows because we were not opposite to the Creator. The blows we received in the past had occurred in order for us to advance, but today there is nowhere to advance to. What else can be done? Invent some new cars or new airplanes? We no longer want it. Why don't we wish to evolve even though we have reached such great abilities? It is because our desire has changed. Our desire has reached its climax, its highest degree, and therefore we feel like we no longer want to develop. The Light has stopped developing us, and now it is already pressuring us to connect with the others, so that all of us will be correlated to the Creator.

The kind of Light which currently operates on us directs us to connection among us, therefore we are facing a global crisis. The crisis lies in the connection between us, in how dissimilar we are to the Creator, to the One. Therefore the 21st century is a fundamentally different century from everything that happened in the past. All the troubles that are revealed today relate to the entire system, all of humanity, and this is why everyone is beginning to feel that they are inside a single pot.



The Congress – An Opportunity To Cross The Machsom


Let us hope that the congress goes by successfully and that we will reveal in it the Ohr Hassadim (Light of Mercy) which we are absolutely lacking, with which we will be able to cross the Machsom (barrier). It is possible. We must only understand what it depends upon - on our inner connection above all differences, on our desire to reveal the bad and turn it into good. We want to connect among ourselves above the hatred, the envy, the delight, the honor, the control, above everything that can be revealed between man and his friend.

We don't want to erase the ego that is revealed between us, but to cover it with love, as it is written: "Love will cover all transgressions." Let us hope that we attain it. In fact, every time we get together in such gatherings, we make a very serious step in the right direction. As well, let us hope that all of our friends, from all over the world will be in the same place, in the same inner state. Good luck to all of us.



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