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The Daily Page - 01-11-09

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch




The Light Hidden Within The Group


In each and every level a person comes across very tough resistance and it is not always possible to check and see where one failed and why. However, if we take into account that our nature is the will to receive, it is impossible that we will be able to be released from it at a certain moment. Therefore we must believe every time that we are in a "Klipa" (shell). How can one ascend from that "Klipa"? Only through the Light that Reforms.

If we draw upon us an upper force from outside, it will clarify our state and we will see how we are lying to ourselves. It seems to us that we are in spiritual scrutinies, but in fact we are not leaving corporeality whatsoever. The only solution is to sell ourselves to the group, "To sell" meaning to actually sell. In other words, I pass myself to the group in return for receiving from them, through them, from inside of them, the Light hidden within the group. I am willing to do everything they want out of one intention: To receive this Light, knowing that only It can reform me. And prior to that, all kinds of calculations and wisecracks are spinning inside our ego's swamp.



Baal HaSulam’s Method Is The Appropriate Method For Our Generation


Man who wishes to correct his soul does not need to pursue any deeds or studies, except those required of him by the wisdom of Kabbalah in accordance with Baal HaSulam's method.

That is because Baal HaSulam wrote his books for our generation, for a whole world that needs to enter correction, for the souls that are connected to one another and not for generations when every soul corrected itself individually.

We see that everything is crushed in our corporeal world because we have connected to a single system and now a different law operates here, a collective, global law, and all the previous laws are no longer beneficial.

The same applies in the wisdom of Kabbalah. In the past there were Kabbalists who revealed the Creator individually and truly worked in total devotion, but that was in previous generations. The ego was not as developed back then as it is in our generation, and most of all, the souls were not as interconnected as they are today. Therefore we need a different correction method. If we do not publicize the wisdom of Kabbalah, we will not be able to correct anything in our generation, and we will not be able to provide ourselves with forces for advancement if we do not connect with Kabbalah students all over the world.


Correctly Scrutinizing What A Klipa Is


Question by a Student: How can one scrutinize faster what a Klipa is and step on it in a way that will bring us to the group's direction?

Answer by Dr. Michael Laitman: Only through uniting the points in the heart, in the group and in the World Kli. We are saved from the Klipa only to the degree to which we exert effort to receive forces from those points - being adhered to them only, seeing the place of exertion only in them as well as the place resulting from the exertion.



The Transition From Corporeality To Spirituality


Question by a Student: Kabbalah books speak only about the spiritual reality, whereas I only have a perception of the material reality. Where is the bridge on which I can cross from the corporeality I perceive to spirituality?

Answer by Dr. Michael Laitman: This transition occurs by the Light that Reforms. Therefore Kabbalists advise us to read Kabbalah books, even though we do not understand what is written in them. It is not the understanding that is important but the reading of those books out of the desire to feel what is written in them, out of the desire to see what is discussed, to enter this concealed world.

We must realize that this world is concealed from our senses only. We live in a dream, in concealment, in apathy, whereas during reading we need to want our senses to become sharper so that we will feel these forces, that the world we are reading about is not disconnected from us but is connected to us and is right here, operating inside of us. This is called "revelation," and this "revelation" occurs only through the Light's influence.

We do not know what this Light is, but by yearning to reveal the reality of which the book speaks, we awaken inside ourselves a force that influences us and slowly opens us to that feeling; at first to the feeling, and according to the feeling also to understanding. This is how we are born in the spiritual world.


Describing The True Reality


Question by a Student: What kind of exercises can we do today in order to advance more toward spirituality?

Answer by Dr. Michael Laitman: We imagine to ourselves, the group, as points in the heart, as desires for the Creator that unite together and attain spirituality in the connection between them. There, inside this common desire, we reveal everything - the spiritual world, ourselves and even our world. All of this exists inside that vessel, and not in the imaginary reality that I am currently picturing to myself. When I reveal this spiritual vessel, all of reality exists among and inside those points that are connected and everything disappears. And then I see that our world is also operated from there. This is everything we need to picture. All the exercises should bring us to this. This is the form to which we must return all the time.



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