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The Daily Page - 29-10-09

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

Implementing What One Hears At The Lesson During The Day


What one hears in the morning lesson should be done during the day. Every morning one receives a task and should realize it during the day. A person will see how he immediately attains a different level. The changes are rapid and one needs to digest every single thing. We see how much he and the friends hear the same thing, but it does not make a difference because we hear through the ear, but afterwards do not really want this thing to happen. A person hears that bestowal is important; can one think the whole day that the Light will influence him - a force from above, that spirituality will be important? That the importance of spirituality will influence him? No. A person needs to arrange an environment that will influence him, and for that one must subjugate himself before the group, working above the ego. One does many calculations and eventually the brain does not do anything. Rather the desire needs to constantly change and push a person forward. If after the thought that spirituality is important, a person arranges the books, the friends and the teacher, as well as oneself and his actions - everything, the he is arranging this in an external way. It is not yet ones desire. If from this a person will somehow be able to draw upon himself some force from above that will change his desire, then one will change. Transferring every discernment, from externality to internality demands numerous internal actions on our part.


The Language Is A Means To Ascend


A person's inner painting - the connection between all of one's qualities are call "this world." One has many impressions and communications in his inner scheme, felt in its entirety, which we call it "this world". When this scheme will work between all of its items according to bestowal in the first degree, it will be called "attaining the roots". The connection between what one previously had, when he felt this world in one's corporeal scheme, entirely connected to one another in order to receive, and the scheme that is already connected in accordance with the quality of bestowal, then the connection between the two is called "the language of branches." How does this language help a person? We begin to understand how the Creator made the steps; one begins to become familiarized with the levels of attainment. Not what is happening in some "slice" on the surface, but rather what is in between the slices. How did the descent or the ascent between them occur, what do I need this for? If a person studies only the slice then one is inanimate, vegetative or animate. But if a person learns the difference between the slices, between these levels, then he knows through what further to change oneself on. In other words, language is a means to ascend every time. The language of branches does not explain to us what is happening on the surface, like our language which points and says, this is a bear, this is a car and this is a table. The language of branches explains to us the difference between this world and the spiritual world. It explains the connection between branch and root.       


Attaching Himself To The Bestower


We must always begin the work and not worry about its completion. Not to throw it away in the middle, but to accept what comes out as right - that this is how it was done. Many times we begin laboring in spiritual work and it is as if we are changing. We enter something, it is clear to us that it is so, and all of a sudden the opposite happens. This is because the Light and the environment influence us and we change, seeing that what we started was totally wrong. Man needs to understand that this is actually happening, but that the Creator will finish it off for him. One must start over and over anew, in the same direction and not to despair but to scrutinize as accurately as possible. A person pushes toward the end to complete the action, but its end can completely not be what he planned. And one must agree with it, understanding that he does not know what the right way is. We do not know what bestowal is. If it ends opposite to what we thought, it is possible that it is actually a good sign, close to the truth. The less confident a person is, not "looking down one's nose" in every aspect of life and knowing only that there is someone who manages and performs all the actions, must only attach himself to the Bestower - to this manager, this leader. Then this person will truly advance correctly. And if all of his confidence and pride lie in him knowing, then it turns out that he will not even realize that he is stepping in the same spot, like all humans, and this entirely does not correlate with spirituality. According to this we also see the actions in our group. Therefore we must not be shy, but should recognize the error and try again with the understanding that it is right to be mistaken.


The Correction Is Only Through The Light That Reforms


What is the wisdom of Kabbalah needed for? In order to correct the will to receive. What are the Mitzvot (commandments) needed for? In order to correct a person's 613 desires, which are called commandments. When the correction is through the Light that Reforms it is called Torah. This is because the will to receive is the substance of creation, and when one is involved with it he is in correction, in what the Creator, the Upper Force, demands from him. And if a person is not in corrections, does not discover his ego and correct it, then that person is in philosophy, in mysticism or in religion, and no more. If one works with his substance, his ego, it is called that one is doing what the Creator expects from him. If a person does not do that, but rather invents for himself physical actions and various customs, then eventually he will realize that those actions are not Mitzvot and Torah, because it is not correction of the Will to Receive.  Therefore Baal HaSulam mostly interpreted the matter of the will to receive, as Malchut, which is the entire substance of creation. Upon this stands the wisdom of Kabbalah that is revealed to a man and is designated to correct him. Whoever truly wishes to correct himself, to perform the Upper One's desire which the Creator demands from him, has no other choice but to deal with the wisdom of Kabbalah only; there is no other means that can correct him. Corporeal actions or prayers from the Siddur cannot correct the will to receive, because the correction is only through the Light that reforms. And the Light that reforms comes only by studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, not through any physical action.


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