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The Daily Page - 21-03-10

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

Don't Lose Aim Of The Goal


The spiritual goal is unity-the unification of a person who aspires to the Creator, the Light of Correction, and the Creator into one whole. A person has to remain inside this goal in every state and at every moment. Then he will advance toward it.

But how can he advance if he is already inside the goal? Where can he keep advancing if he has already "caught" the goal right now, at this very moment? The answer is that a moment later he will receive a greater desire to enjoy, and then he will have to "catch" the goal once again. That is how we advance, step by step.

Don't think that the goal is shining for you from somewhere far ahead and you will reach it one day. You have to attain it right here and now, and not a moment later.


Unity That Cannot Be Broken


What happened during the breaking of the common soul that enabled correction to be possible thereafter?

The breaking brought about an inter-inclusion, mutual penetration, and true unity between different qualities. Prior to the breaking there were two incompatible qualities that did not overlap and even repelled each other: reception and bestowal. Later they came closer to one another and started to be expressed within one object-Nekudot de SAG. However, this closeness was similar to oil that's poured over water, or two pieces of metal that are glued together; they still don't have anything in common.

In these cases, it's possible to apply an external force in order to overcome the mutual repulsion. This will force one quality to enter inside the other. Yet, even then, both qualities will still continue to exist. For example, we can mix liquids together by way of vibration, or cause metals to merge together by way of fusion. This produces different types of metal alloys that are soft or hard, malleable or rigid, as well as the type that can be made into thin sheets. However, this is not true unification. 

In spirituality we have to attain true unity between opposite qualities. We don't yet understand what this means. This isn't just simply taking a little bit of Malchut and a little bit of Bina and mixing them so they would exist side by side. Spiritual unity is when each one helps the other and each enters inside the other. The qualities of Bina penetrate the qualities of Malchut, and the qualities of Malchut enter Bina. Thus, they exist together, complementing each other for the sake of attaining a mutual goal.

First their qualities grow closer, until reaching a common boundary during Tzimtzum Bet. Only then can they intermix with each other and penetrate one inside the other. However, they still don't unite, as the Zivug takes place over Tzimtzum Bet, in Nikvey Eynaim Rosh SAG. But then, under the influence of the most powerful Light, which comes from Zivug AB-SAG, they receive a blow and break. That is when their qualities "melt" and a new, mutual quality is born.

This is how the unification of Bina and Malchut takes place as a result of their striking unity and breaking (Shevirat HaKelim). New spiritual Patzufim of the Worlds ABYA come out, in which Bina and Malchut work together, jointly. This is why it is called "unity" of the qualities of reception and bestowal, where you are "instead of me in every way, and I am instead of you in every way, and both of us are together." This unity is possible only when the Upper Light maintains it and does not let it disappear.

Thus, the Worlds of ABYA, which conduct Light through the quality of Malchut and Bina as one whole, are able to correct the broken soul of Adam-his parts, our souls.


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