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The Daily Page - 13-10-09

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

The Evil Inclination Inside Of Us


It has never been possible to attain spirituality alone. All the ordinary souls had to correct the place of breakage, to connect the broken parts of the collective vessel.

And what is the evil inclination? It is the repulsion from the inner connection with the others. The place of breakage is not in delights such as sleep, food, women, or any other craving. The collective vessel did not break there. Correcting the breakage is done through the connection between us, between our desires to attain adhesion with the Creator. The real breakage is felt when we sit in a group and cannot connect among ourselves. This is the revelation of the breakage. And all the rest of the things are solely beastly. And many people get confused in this regard.

In other words, our mutual repulsion by one another - the hatred, the envy, everything that is revealed between us - is the cause that prevents us from connecting. Therefore we should not search for the evil inclination anywhere else other than the connection between us. Every obstacle revealed against the connection between us is what is called the "evil inclination."

--Taken from the Preparation to the Lesson


The Connection Between Us Can Change The World


Our world is a fake. World leaders, if they can be called that, as well as the smartest and strongest people in it, cannot figure out what is happening. In the past, people always thought they knew how to improve the situation in the world, whereas today no one knows anything. The world has come to a stage where everyone realizes, like little kids, that they stand before something they have no control over. We cannot even control the artificial economic system, which we ourselves created.

In other words, for the first time we realize that we cannot control our nature. We don't know what to expect, or where our ego will lead us. Perhaps another bubble will burst, perhaps another crisis will occur? Indeed the people who are part of economic systems cannot change. And they admit it themselves.

Therefore, our time is very special. It is special because the evil is revealed now, our evil nature. We harm others and this damage eventually returns to us as well. It is as if we are killing, burying, burning, and suffocating ourselves, and we cannot do anything against it.

On the other hand, our will to receive is protecting itself and does not allow us to hear the explanation about the essence of the situation. That is because it does not want to reveal to itself the abyss it is facing.

But soon enough the blows will return again, then again, another recess, and so forth. And it is for the purpose of allowing one to think: what is the blow for, where did it come from, why, and is it possible to do anything to avoid it? And then again, we will receive blows, and again we will have an opportunity to realize what we have done wrong. These are "labor pains" that come slowly and are intended to eventually bring all of humanity to the spiritual birth.

We learn this from the Lights that descend from the world of Atzilut and are called "Mazalot" from the word "Nozel" ("liquid"), because they drip slowly. And so is the case with us, the crisis will keep coming in waves until we become wiser and want to use the method of correction.

Therefore I very much expect that at this congress we will perform a great dissemination act among us, that we will create a great force between us that will waken the entire system of the souls.

This system is like a net which covers all of humanity, the whole world, and we exist within it too. And when we shake it up, when we want to awaken it, we cause great changes inside of it. That is because the spiritual force within us is much greater than that of people in the street. Although quantitatively we are not large in numbers, we are at the top of the pyramid and I am sure that in the upcoming congress we will be able to swing the net. After all, all the great revolutions were caused by a small handful of people. Therefore I am full of hope that we are soon to witness positive development.

--Taken from the 3rd Part of the Lesson


Our Internal War


When we first approach the study, it seems to us that we are ready, we want to advance, and to break through all the barriers. But after a while, we discover that it is difficult to progress, that the matter diminished; that the path is not quick, simple, or clear; that all of a sudden there are problems in the family, at work, and that numerous other excuses appear. But we must understand that during those moments, we are being "played" with from above, which increases our Aviut (coarseness), so that we will have something to draw the Light that Reforms upon.

Man, who understand this and does not forget that there is a reason to every obstacle that arises in his life, that nothing is a coincidence but rather an obstacle on the spiritual path, correctly approaches the study, the group, and the authentic books from which the Light that Reforms comes to him. In fact, we can measure our advancement, in accordance with the ego that awakens in us every time, and in accordance with the obstacles that become stronger.

And only the people who understand that there is no choice but to manage this internal war, and who come to the study in order to correct the ego through the Light from the book, only these people can constantly bring together these two forces inside of them and begin to correct themselves.

--Taken from the Preparation to the Lesson


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