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The Daily Page - 04-11-09

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

Being Impressed By The Bestowing Force In Reality


Only two forces exist in nature, in reality: the force of reception and the force of bestowal. And man's advancement depends on the matter of importance only,  - which force he ascribes more importance to, no matter if he is prepared for or capable of it, but in the simplest way, like a baby ascribes importance to adults.

Therefore the group's entire force should be aimed at the influence of importance only - we may not know what it is, but it is important. Similar to "Coca Cola" that was advertised as "The taste of life," as something as important as life. Why is it so important? Because of the advertisement. And this is the group's main goal - to inculcate in me that the Bestower's importance, the Creator's importance, the force of bestowal, the quality of bestowal, the Bestower's status - is the greatest thing that can be.

And about all other things, we speak with degradation, even to the extreme. We must make this approach even more than a habit, because a habit diminishes the taste and with time a person stops hearing the meaning that exists behind the words.

We must hear and be impressed by the second force in reality as much as possible - by the Bestower who dominates, who is the operator, who spins everything, and to the degree that we attribute ourselves to Him we succeed. Man only needs to see the receiving part within him as an influenced, managed force, as a force that is not a "force," but something that operates inside of us in order to divert us from the Bestower and to allow us to overcome it. This is the only reason for its existence - to respect and advance the Bestower, to make him a "Rav" in our eyes.

We must only grant a correct status to each one of these two forces. Why does the bestowing force exist? Only in order to show us that it is nature, that it is dominant, that it is the only one that exists. And what does the receiving force exist for? Only in order to highlight it, to see it as "the advantage of Light over darkness."

If one gives a correct status and utilizes a correct approach to these two forces while emphasizing the force of Light 99 percent, and treats the darkness' existence only to emphasize the Light, one certainly begins to think more and more from the Light's side, from the Bestower's side, One then wants to move in mind and heart to the other side.


Building For Ourselves A Ruler Of Values


Every morning I say the same thing before the lesson: spirituality's importance, the Bestower's importance, the Creator's importance. What else can be said? If it does not happen, we will remain in the same state. That is because man can invest energies, exertion and attention only to the degree of importance that exists in him. Thus he gauges the value of everything in his life - the closer things in his life are to the Bestower, the more important they are. And the farther they are from the Bestower, the less important they are.

Man needs to build for himself such a measurement of values: everything that belongs to bestowal is important. Why is a certain thing important? Because it brings me closer to bestowal. The group gives me importance, and so does the room where I study and the books etc. This means that one begins to connect the things and check. To the degree that they are close to attaining the Bestower they are more important. To the degree that they are farther and do not support it, they are less important or not important at all, perhaps they disturb and may even damage.

Build an actual chart like that - starting from the most damaging thing up to the most important thing, the most effective in attaining bestowal. And in the middle place, put all the things that you come across throughout the day - according to the degree are they effective or damaging toward this goal. And accordingly, build your attitude toward them.

Now you can see how much those things change on the scale of importance. If the Bestower, the Creator, is placed on the right-hand side, whereas on the left-hand side your reception is placed, then you will see how during the ascent and descent values such as home, family, work, various pleasures in life, or alternatively the group, the books, the dissemination, and so on, change their position to the degree that you change the force that influences you.

If you do that, you will build a chart of values internally - a table of the force that operates on you. You will begin to identify more or less which force operates on you in accordance with the values that are currently arranged in you from the worst to the most effective. You will see, for instance, that today you are rejecting the Creator's influence, compared to yesterday or the day before, that maybe you did not. You will be able to check whether you are close or far from Him, what you prefer etc. According to what do you determine this? According to "make yourself a Rav," according to the Bestower's importance, according to the degree that you are drawn to the right-hand, to bestowal. Perhaps it is important for you today to have fun and relax and you care about nothing and that is it, but at least the table that you build will allow you to truly identify what your attitude toward spirituality is, what your connection is to the Creator.


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