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The Daily Page - 03-12-09

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From Love Of Others – To Love Of The Creator


Where is that place where the society needs to be careful in keeping a connection with the Creator?

If you no longer think that it is solely all up to man or the society alone, but that it is connected to a certain path, and try to correct yourself through the power of Arvut, you immediately discover many problems that you don't have power to deal with on your own. And then, of course, you are necessary to the Creator. The connection is out of necessity.

Anything you do other than love of others will not bring you to remembering the Creator, the actual Creator. The request that He should give me something, in this world, in the next world, security etc., it's not the Creator we are talking to, rather just to some imagination. In the Creator, who is the general force of bestowal that is revealed in the vessels, in the souls, you can remember only if a man is going towards a connection, towards Arvut. In such a form man discovers that he will never be able to reach a connection with others, or to any relationship to Him at all, therefore certainly not love towards Him.

And then out of his tribulations, and not just from reading in books, a person begins to discover in his heart a lack for something-this is how he understands what this "adhesive" is, the "Creator", the force of bestowal which resides within the creature, within the connection. Just then does a man realize what this definition is, and not before that, because before that he can't analyze it. It is similar to diagnosing a disease-only out of the multitude of signs and symptoms which present in the body, which fit each other in a certain way, can we reach a certain diagnosis. From calculating the different details, the doctor eliminates all of the possibilities until he reaches the final conclusion and recognizes the location of the disease.

This is why it is written "from love of others to love of the Creator," because there is no other way to even locate the direction towards the Creator, other than through the work in the society. Who is the Creator? What is HE? What characteristics? In any other way, there is no way to say anything about Him. And what people usually think of the Creator is not even close to what this force is, "God". It is impossible to know what the Creator is, as long as we haven't arrived to a vessel from which we can reveal this Light, called "Godliness".

And the vessel is the connection between me and others. So if a man doesn't meet with this, doesn't build this deficiency, and out of experience sees that he is not succeeding at it. Just like when you build something, at first you see that "I am missing something and I don't know what," and then you search until you understand exactly what is missing. And when you know the missing part in the matter, this is already a very big expertise. So only out of the necessity for it, a man has the capability to reveal the Creator, otherwise he doesn't need Him. You have to really need Him


To Switch An Attitude- To Be "As One Man In One Heart " In The Society


 At every instant, it is possible to start anew. If I take into account the previous states as "Reshimot" (informational records), in order to transcend above them and to build upon them, a better, more corrected state, I use the previous states; not just "delete" them.

I arrive at the recognition of evil, this is very good. I didn't succeed - I made all sorts of mistakes, made wrong calculations with friends, with dissemination, with myself, with the Creator, with everything. The evil was revealed which is very good. Now, instead of sitting around and "eating myself up" from within, I advance to a new degree.  I do not want to stay in previous attitudes, but on their surface build a new floor. The new story is built on top of the old story, with all of the good and bad things in it, the "Reshimo of Coarseness" and the "Reshimo of Clothing." I take into account all the details, from the negative end to the positive end, and try to be in both of those ends differently, so that all will be one big positive. So that all of the negativity that has been discovered will enter now to positivity-that is how I build a new floor. From this, I am able to justify all of the states that I have passed.

We have to begin to relate to what's happening in a purposeful and matter of fact way, and begin to repair. Instead, we pull the old, don't want to change anything, and agree that "what will be, will be".

Everyone is satisfied with the fact that there are experts and that the responsibility rests on them to deal with problems - after all "I don't belong to it, let them care for it, not me". How could you think that "they will care and you not?" You are in a ship on a stormy sea, the engineer can't manage the engine and you don't care. You can't do anything about it. You understand sails or some other part on the ship, but not the engine. But do you worry and cry - or not? Everyone is on the same ship, how can it be any different?

This is what is demanded of us. It is not a demand that each one should be an expert in every field or to replace every man with another. What we are missing is the concern; for if we all had concern, we wouldn't bump in to all sorts of technical difficulties or any faults. Concern is what is missing.

Maybe it is really needed to replace jobs and to appoint to every role a person to be responsible, on one hand. But on the other hand, even after all of these actions, the biggest expert, the most devoted person will not succeed, because we are in a business that will succeed only by Mutual Responsibility. There needs to be concern also by the person and also by the community.  This must be a duty.

There must be the right function of each one and support by everyone for each one. What is written? "As one Man in one heart," each one for everyone and everyone for each one. This is the law of the wholeness which is composed by parts.


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