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The Daily Page - 16-03-11

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

620 Bridges from Me to You


The entire freedom of choice that each of us has, with each of us being a piece of the multi-dimensional "Lego" of creation, lies in revealing our total connection with everyone else to the extent we can tolerate it. Each person connects with all the others with his upper part (Galgalta Eynaim) and his lower part (AHP), and only a point remains of himself in which he wishes to realize his loyalty to those who are above or below him.

We have to go through this realization of our state gradually, by degrees of the desire that awakens in us until experiencing its entire depth (Aviut) in all of its forms. Thus, we continuously reveal the opportunity of a new, more multi-faceted connection with the upper ones and the lower ones.

The empty space that continuously becomes revealed to us in the connection with the upper or the lower ones is the desire that we have to correct. The desire always consists of 620 parts, and therefore, their correction is called "carrying out 620 commandments" with the help of the Light that reforms, which is called Torah.

That is why it is written that every day a person must carry out "620 commandments" by virtue of studying the "Torah." That means he studies how to use these 620 desires for the sake of bestowal in order to unite entirely with all the parts of creation that are higher or lower in relation to him.

That is how we attain our state: We are in it from the beginning, but we reveal it for ourselves gradually. We receive the force to do this from the environment, meaning from those "Lego pieces" with which we are connected -from the upper parts of our soul, whose AHPs connect with our Galgalta Eynaims, or from the lower parts, with whose Galgalta Eynaims we connect through our AHP.

The Creator always gives us the opportunity to find the forces to advance in this "multi-dimensional" unity. It is always possible to find an empty space in which the Torah will be revealed, the Light and 620 desires that we can correct, and through them, connect with one another. That is how this entire system is arranged.


From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 03/16/11, Writings of Rabash


A Person Riding a Donkey


Question: I understand what you say in my mind, but in my heart I feel that I am completely not ready to cancel myself in order to unite with others. How can I desire this?

Dr. Laitman's Answer: We will never desire to advance to higher spiritual states. And it's good that we realize this ourselves! A person understands that he does not desire true spirituality on any condition, as opposed to some kind of fairy-tale world he invented where he will fly with angels and do anything he wants, where he will receive total power and see all the worlds from one end to the other.

If we begin to understand the meaning of real spiritual reality, which is above any egoistic benefit we can only imagine, then obviously we do not want it. We have to understand that all the changes in us are made only by the upper Light that reforms. It has to elevate us and give us new qualities. Only by way of realizing these qualities, by understanding, feeling, and controlling them, will we be able to look at the world through them. That is how I will gradually become a new person.

I will begin to feel that above the animate body with which I identify myself today, a certain equivalence with the Upper One becomes built inside me -a new form or Kli called "the human" in me, meaning "one who is similar to the Creator." ("Adam," "man," comes from the word "Domeh," "similar"). This person will be riding on top of my "donkey" ("donkey," "Hamor," comes from the word "Homer," "matter"), on top of my previous desires. Thus, a person who has straddled a donkey understands and feels the Creator. But the donkey doesn't!

This formation of the human in us takes place by virtue of the Light that reforms. It's not that we desire this on our own, of course not! Our donkey (meaning we today) does not want the human to come! After all, the human will begin to rule over the donkey.

Meanwhile, the donkey wants to receive what it wants. That is why, naturally, today we do not desire the true spiritual state. The more we advance, the more we gradually begin to understand that the spiritual world is completely not what we expected and we no longer want it.

Further advancement is possible only by virtue of the influence of the group, which will imbue us with the importance of spiritual attainment. Only to this degree will we be able to advance, but we will not find the forces to do this in ourselves.


From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 03/16/11, Writings of Rabash


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