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The Daily Page - 14-12-09

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

About “The Light That Reforms”


"The Light that Reforms" is the name given to the force that develops the person who works and invites it upon himself. That Light operates on all of creation as a force which develops it in the ordinary evolution called "Beito" (in its time). But if I invite this force with greater vigor, in excessive speed, it is known to me as the "Light that Reforms." That is because I intend for it to bring me back to good, bring me to a more advanced spiritual state and so on. But if I do not do that, the train moves according to its own pace.

In fact, the whole evolution that our world has gone through so far, was meant to bring us to the state in which we are today, where we have the option to draw that life source ourselves, which is called "the Light that Reforms."


What Do We Need To Toil For?


Question by a Student: If the most important thing in the wisdom of Kabbalah is the Light that Reforms, then what do I need to toil for? For whom?

Answer by Dr. Michael Laitman: For you. Because without the exertion you will not have the vessels to understand and feel a thing. Through exertion during the study you build discernments in yourself, emotional and intellectual cells in which you feel reality. This exertion grants you the ability to stand in the center of reality, to attain the level of feeling and understanding of the Creator. Through your exertion, you build the Creator out of yourself.

The exertion allows you to identify and build yourself out of the two forces called "right line" and "left line." "I toiled and I found" is the law according to which you can speed up your development through receiving new forms upon yourself. It is a law, except it is concealed from you, and therefore it is called "I toiled and I found."

In other words, you do not know when this evolutionary spring will release an additional spiritual level to you, but rather you must stretch it every time until it springs something anew. Therefore it is called "I toiled and I found" in relation to us. On the other hand, whoever stands even one level above you, knows when it will spring and exactly what kind of things you must do; therefore they advise us, "do this and that." In fact, we are treated in a very special way from above, except that we are not aware of it. The result of this treatment is that you are receiving new feelings and thoughts at every moment.

Where do you get them from? Not spontaneously, like it appears to you, but rather in order for you to toil, the upper level inserts new feelings and thoughts in you each time. The exertion depends on you, but the conditions in which you will make the exertion and the data that you must compare in that exertion are given to you every time by the Elyon (Upper One).

This treatment never stops and the Elyon knows exactly what He must do. And you too, you cannot do anything other than exertion. In short, your choice is to be lazy or to toil. Therefore all of your free choice is hidden within the environment, which can awaken you to bestow, and nothing else other than that.


Living Forever


Question by student: How does this system that synchronizes my thoughts and feelings work?

Answer by Dr. Laitman: The force of development, the force of livelihood projects on you, it is called "the Light that reforms", or the force of Bestowal. The Creator is the thing we don't understand right now. This is that additional piece of information that we don't recognize. Therefore the Wisdom of Kabbalah is called the "cryptic wisdom".

Kabbalah does not deal with material, only the force which enlivens the material, or more accurately, the way to enter this force into the material. And if you accumulate this force inside you, and let it immerse you, you will reach an eternal life. Of course it is understandable, that this force which is currently outside you is unrealistic for you. However, the purpose of the Wisdom of Kabbalah, the cryptic wisdom, is to reveal this force to you. Its purpose is to reveal the Creator to the creature-to bring to the revelation of the force of bestowal, the force of giving, the force of love inside you. This is the revelation of the Creator, from the words, "come" and "see" (Bo Reh).


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