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The Daily Page - 22-09-09

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

Our Inner Work


Man must be in inner work 24/7 - he should make the effort to be together with those same points and thus organize a single big spiritual force, where the quality of bestowal will be revealed according to the strength of everyone's desire.

Everyone has a point in the heart. Do you wish to connect them? Out of your desire for them to connect, they connect and connect and connect and that creates an explosion, like in an atomic bomb.

The matter is just matter. But when you begin to compress it, it explodes. The same thing here - you squeeze and squeeze and squeeze all those desires together, and they don't even realize or understand it. And they're also trying to an extent, and when the desire reaches such a critical pressure, there you reveal the quality of bestowal, the Creator.

--Taken from the Preparation to the Lesson


Disseminating The Internality


Although our progress depends upon dissemination, we must understand that dissemination will be ineffective if we fail to ascend in the same degree that we expand it. Otherwise, you'll make a lot of noise, but nothing will happen. A single word of yours must contain within it a great force that will break everything.

Therefore we should be concerned with internality, with the strength of our point in the heart in dissemination. It's possible to create numerous programs and endless actions, but they will have no benefit. And in order to succeed in that we should keep on adding the inner force.

--Taken from the Preparation to the Lesson


Breaking Free From The Animal That Controls Us


Man should feel that out of the will to receive he is pulling out all kinds of pieces and puts them together to sanctity. Approach your ego, your will to receive, with the thought of how to draw from it something for the sake of spiritual progress. Make a nice game out of it, and you'll see how your ego, that same "donkey," is at a lower degree than the "human" in you, and you can trick it, "ride it."

Can an animal know your intentions? It cannot. It can hardly feel you directly, as an animal. This is the animate level. There are discernments that you won't be able to implant in it. And the same goes for our will to receive. We live in it and do everything for its benefit, without feeling that we are dealing with an animal that constantly demands and truly controls us, the "human" in us. And it doesn't understand cleverness, jokes, and all the deviousness stems from its beastly level in your lie. With the correct attitude toward it, you can get everything out of it.

--Taken from the 3rd Part of the Lesson


Only Together!


I once heard, that in every person lies a desire that overcomes the beast in him, called "the point in the heart." And that due to that desire, which awakened in the person, he belongs to our group. I also heard that by connecting our desires together, we mend the shattering that occurred in the collective soul. I once heard that the soul had shattered in a sin called "the sin of Adam ha Rishon," and we need to put its parts back together through the Light that reforms. A part of that soul lies in each and every one of my friends. And although the entire world is friends, and that everyone belongs to the same soul, in the meantime we should only connect those with the point in the heart. So I want to connect with them. I thus attend various congresses and events. From day to night I want to awaken them in me. Like a mother who leaves for work and constantly thinks about her children who stayed at home, likewise I always think of my friends' spiritual wellbeing, so that they also think of our spiritual wellbeing. And I wish to bestow to them my awakening, and I ask the Creator to help me awaken them. And I understand that they are the greatest of our generation, the greatest of our times, and that they were given to me in order to connect with them. And I ask the Creator to help me with this.

If we do that all together, we then discover the correct Kli very quickly. And there are no wisecracks here, it's all been written thousands of times. We should only put it into action finally, together. Together! That's the key.

--Taken from the 3rd Part of the Lesson


Who Controls You - The Ego Or The Soul?


We should see ourselves disconnected from our ego every time. The desires, the thoughts, the qualities, my attitude toward life - do I do all of this because the body pushes me to do so? And even though I have achieved great accomplishments in life, in the group, in dissemination - does the body push me toward it, or does the soul? There is a complex scrutiny here that is recommended - does the Creator's greatness that is revealed against my despicableness require me to act, or is it "man's pride shall humiliate him," banish him from spirituality, and then I seem like a hero from below, and a loser from above.

We should always study ourselves from two angles - how do I look from the body's side and how do I look from the soul's side? What is it that determines the decisions I make in life, in my spiritual work, in the group, in dissemination and in the factory - my ego, the body, the calculations, the egoistic deviousness or the soul? If we do this, "God's worker" will always ride our horse and we will advance. And if not, we will remain horses.

--Taken from the Preparation to the Lesson


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