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The Daily Page - 03-05-10

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

Spirituality Is The Unity Of Darkness And Light


The Zohar, Chapter "VaEra (And I Appeared)," Item 90: ..."And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart" means with both your inclinations-the good inclination and the evil inclination, so the bad qualities of the evil inclination will become good... Then there will certainly be no difference between the good inclination and the evil inclination and they will be one.

In our world we aren't aware of the qualitative difference between good and evil, and therefore we don't understand that they define and support each other and cannot exist one without the other. We would like to immediately annihilate all the evil and leave only the good, meaning whatever we consider good at this moment.

Spirituality, however, is revealed upon the contrast of opposite qualities, rather than through attempting to eliminate or destroy one of them. Both qualities exist in order for us to discern both of them, and the spiritual state is built from both of them-the Light and darkness together.

Initially we do not have the right inner definitions; we don't understand what is Light and what is darkness. Once we identify them and can tell what is Light and what is darkness, and once we choose the Light over the darkness, we can then fully use all of the Light and all of the darkness to build our spiritual state.

We do not erase either one because if we were to remove one of them, the other would disappear as well. We build the middle line from both of them. In our world this structure does not exist. This phenomenon, the middle line, is unknown to us. We always strive to eliminate anything we don't desire or feels unpleasant to us. It seems to us that there is no room for them in the world.

However, in spirituality, there is room for everything and everything has to remain forever. Only when both things unite with each other in the right way, is there room for the existence of both, and one does not exist without the other.

Therefore, the wicked and the righteous, reception and bestowal, faith and knowledge are all built one upon the other. Therefore, they are equally important for attaining the goal. It is written, "A person must be grateful for the bad just as for the good."

The correction of evil lies in using it correctly, together with goodness. Then the two participate equally and together reveal their Source, the Creator. The middle line, the soul, is created from both of them. It is the revelation of their Source, the Creator.


The Law Of Upper Love


Question: I came to the science of Kabbalah, the science of reception, in order to receive. But suddenly I see that it teaches about how to increase one's desire. Where is the reception here?

Dr. Laitman's Answer: This is reception. I receive a special force from the Creator called "love," which is something completely unknown to us. With the help of this force I attach all the desires existing in reality to myself. They all become my desires and I receive them along with their fulfillment.

This is called the science of Kabbalah, which is about how to receive desires full of goodness. They are all yours. All you need is to feel love for them. Then you will discover that they are in the state of "the End of Correction," and all of it is yours.

When you acquire the force of love, you start to feel the desires of your neighbor better than he does, and you then fulfill him according to your sensations. It's like a mother feels what her child needs.

In spirituality the Upper One knows best what the lower one needs. The lower one simply screams, revealing his desire to you. But you know all the components of his desire, even though he does not. That's because you are the upper one. If you are the one who bestows and you fulfill him, then you are the upper one in relation to him and you know more about him than he does.

This is the law of upper love, which does not have anything in common with the notions we attribute to the word "love" in our world.


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