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The Daily Page - 11-03-10

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

A Regular Miracle


A question I received: Why is the speed of the reading so important during Zohar study and how does it differ from other Kabbalistic texts?

My Answer: While reading The Zohar we are trying to choose the right speed because we want to receive an impression from the general reading of the text. It's similar to how we speak to a baby who doesn't really understand what you are talking about. In contrast, suppose I were listening to a story in a language I don't understand; then I could still try to guess what every word means. However, a baby does not only lack knowledge of the words, but also lacks all knowledge of the actions that are being described.

In that case, what's the point of talking to him about this at all? The fact is that if we don't do this, he won't grow up. When we talk to him in a language he doesn't understand, about things he doesn't understand, and tell him about a world that is completely concealed from him right now, but we explain it to him as if he understands, then it begins working inside the child, awakening the understanding and reactions.

It turns out that our actions with children during the earthly upbringing are completely equivalent to the influence of the Light upon us in the spiritual upbringing. In other words, upbringing by the Upper Light is completely natural.

When a baby begins to repeat the things we say and do, he says and does it all incorrectly. Yet, we understand that this is how it should be, and in this manner he grows. This is exactly how we develop in spirituality as well. Therefore, we have to let The Book of Zohar and the Light contained in it influence us and "mold" us, making us similar to the Creator.

This is the natural path of entering a new world. We aren't aware of the process that took place when we were children because we were taught by adults through feelings and the mind in a language we understood, while assimilating and accumulating knowledge.

This is why we read The Zohar. Regardless of how much we understand or feel it, it works within us as miraculous force (Segula). This is the same miraculous force that operates in our material lives when we raise our children. It seems like a miracle to us, but it is completely natural and regular.


Preparation Determines Everything


A question I received: On March 16th there will be a preparation event for the mini-Congress devoted to Passover. Is this preparation really necessary considering that the Congress will only last four hours? Can't we just attend and experience everything there?

My Answer: It's actually the other way around: If I were getting ready for a three daylong Convention such as the one that was held in February, then I wouldn't need to go through a very big preparation because I would have enough time at the Convention to prepare. For example, I would spend the first half day or day on the preparation, and then I would have time to absorb everything over the next two days.

However, if I'm coming for just four hours and I haven't prepared ahead of time, then those hours will fly by without bringing me any benefit. Therefore, the shorter the upcoming meeting, the greater and more meticulously we have to prepare for it.

I strongly advise you to enter the mini-Congress site and familiarize yourself with what will happen there, as well as to start thinking about it ahead of time. Everything depends on the preparation; during the actual event it will no longer be possible to change anything. Therefore, the most important thing is how we prepare for it.

The same applies to all of our spiritual work. Before a person passes the Machsom (The Barrier) and enters the spiritual world, all his work lies in preparing for that passage. It won't happen until one completes the preparation.

All of the difficult and tiring work that causes us to suffer in the "Egyptian slavery" is necessary in order to prepare for the escape, and the escape takes place only once the preparation is fully complete.


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