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The Daily Page - 17-10-10

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

Go With the Flow of the Convention in the Right Way


Question: 7,500 people will gather at the Convention and I want to reveal the connection between us. How should I work during the three days of the Convention?

Answer: This is very simple. We are talking about a place that has great power in the spiritual sense. When you come there you will feel the great force of its influence on you and you will unwillingly enter this flow. Nothing will be left of yourself because you will naturally be drawn inside by the influence of such a great and powerful environment.

Every person who comes to the Convention with a positive outlook will dissolve in the general aspiration. This is human nature. Nevertheless, how much does a person work inside? Does he use the mind and the feeling not just to hold on to the general flow, which is swift and even disorienting? Does he draw conclusions and make assessments? Does he add his own inspiration? Does he "paddle" on his own or give himself over to the flow entirely?

This is very important and in this regard everything depends on the preparation.


From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/17/10, "And You Knew This Day and Return to Thine Heart"


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