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The Daily Page - 28-10-09

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

The Prayer In The Heart


"Prayer" is not the words or the cries that come out of our mouths and neither is it the suffering we feel in our hearts. "Prayer" is a clear deficit, a scrutinized one, which we raise upward and say: "Correct this desire for me; I can no longer stand it."

Therefore we need to be thankful for the desires that are constantly increasing in us, for the obstacles that persistently awaken in us and for the confusions that become stronger all the time. So we must not pay attention to the increasing confusion, to the obstacles' form and their quantity, but only to constantly aspire forward; meaning that I come to hate this desire to such an extent that I feel it must be corrected. It is this sensation that becomes my prayer.


Scrutinizing The Place Of Breakage Between Us - Is This The Part We Raise To The Elyon (Upper One) At The Time Of Our Inner Prayer?


Try to work with your whole desire in all the options and events that are revealed to you. However, do so toward the group - where the place of breakage was, and also toward anything in your life.

You do not need to overcome the desire for the piece of chicken that is on your plate, but rather to overcome your repulsion of the friends. The breakage did not occur between you and this chicken, but only in your attitude toward the friends, toward the rest of the souls. Therefore it has not been written, "Love your chicken as yourself," but rather "Love your neighbor as yourself." I am not kidding; this is a very serious thing.

After you aim yourself at the right place, you begin to scrutinize your will to receive within it; to what degree are you capable of working with it and to what degree are you not. If you begin to scrutinize which desire you are willing to give up for the group, you will discover that you are not saying in advance, "This yes and this no" toward each of the desires. You will discover that there are desires which you are not capable of working with for now, that you are not capable of asking the Creator to be more connected to them, to give, to contribute and to transfer more to them.

The part that you ask to correct and connect to the group, that part which you want to work with in order to bestow, is the part that you raise to the Elyon. On the other hand, the parts that you are incapable of working with, you restrict.

What Is The Group For If Our Prayer Is Toward The Elyon?

I need the Reshimot (reminiscences) from the group. My soul's Reshimot are my connection with the group. How so?

Today, reality in my eyes is divided into "I" and "outside of me." Prior to the breakage everything was "I" only. The breakage created in me some kind of inner painting that depicts that "I" exist and that something else exists outside of me.

The feeling of myself and what exists inside of me only is called "this world." On the other hand, the degree to which I can attribute to myself that which I feel that exists outside of me is called the "spiritual world."

My current feeling of myself is my beastliness and the point in the heart which is nevertheless clothed in my corporeality for now. But my soul exists outside of me. The whole world - the still, the vegetative, the animate and the human that exist outside of me are my soul. I must connect them to me and feel that they are part of me. However, it is here that I am already working against my ego; I am repelled by them and I must connect them to me against this repulsion. This work is called "overcoming." What I feel in the connection that is formed above that overcoming is called "spirituality" or the "spiritual world."

Therefore all of our work is toward the group only. What are the "Reshimot"? These are impressions from the breakage. Throughout history I have gone through a certain amount of personal Reshimot in order to reach a saturation level of the bad in my life, and now in the 21st century new Reshimot are revealed in all of us - our connection with the others, this globalization and so on.

He Is Always First

The plea to the Creator must always come through the environment. He needs to be the first in my intentions, whereas the environment is the means. As Baal HaSulam writes, "The environment as a factor."

In order to allow us to discover Him, the Creator broke the single soul into pieces. If the body was whole the soul would not be able to feel the meaning of "in order to bestow." Bestow upon whom? The Creator. But why the Creator? Indeed He is opposite of me, concealed from me, I do not feel Him. With whom will I work? When the soul exists in order to bestow, it is adhered to the Creator. But if its desire was in order to receive, if it was opposite to the Creator, it would not be able to advance toward Him, to feel Him, to know Him. Moreover, it did not have the mechanism by which it could invite upon itself the "Surrounding Light." The breakage of the collective soul enabled each part of it to supposedly correct itself, to realize the meaning of "in order to bestow" toward the rest of the parts and to attain adhesion with the Creator. Adhesion with the Creator is the goal nevertheless.

The Connection Is Our Rescue

In previous generation we were individualists, each one to himself, but this is not the shape of the broken Kli (vessel). When the parts are scattered (one part here and one part there) it is not a broken vessel but a collection of scattered parts distant from one another. On the other hand, today we begin to reach a state in which those same parts are allegedly connecting, but they are incapable of connecting among themselves. Friction is formed between them, you create some vessel out of all the broken parts, but you are incapable of gluing them together. Every time a different part falls off, the matter repeats itself every single time. Therefore only humanity's current state is called a "broken vessel."

The Upper Force arranges us this way by our ego so that we begin to discover that we are in a broken vessel. We discover how all the abundance that wants to fill this vessel leaks out of it through those cracks, those fractures between us. Herein lays our entire trouble.

Today this process is already reaching such dimensions that we must connect. Otherwise all the parts will not be able to exist and there is a risk that it will explode again, meaning that the Elyon will not hold us close to one another. In that case, we will only be able to correct ourselves through wars. Therefore we must hurry to bring awareness to humanity that connection is the only rescue.



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