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The Daily Page - 09-05-10

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

The Whole World Depends On Us


If there is any evil happening in the world, it means that we are still unable to bring correction to the world. If people are still waging wars, engaging in destruction and terrorism, scorning one another, lying to another, and trying to profit off of each other by any means, it means that we are failing to correct the world.

If the Light shone more, none of this could happen. People would be unable to behave this way, and nature on the still, vegetative, and animate levels would not give us these unpleasant "surprises."

We exist inside the all-inclusive nature, but our balance with it depends on us, on man's level. That is why we have to build an enormous spiritual vessel (Kli) among those studying Kabbalah. We have to unite with a strong connection so people all over the world will feel this power and be compelled to unite with each other.

That is how it happens. After all, where do all the different thoughts and desires come to us from? We don't know about it, but they emerge from within and pass from one to another along the net of connection among us.

We are living at a special time. Baal HaSulam writes that we have to be very grateful to the Creator for living in a generation that has received the opportunity to disseminate the science of Kabbalah, which has reached us from antiquity.

We are the first generation that is able to use this science and attain eternity, to rise above this entire life, to come out of the boundaries of all the earthly limitations and enter a new dimension, the spiritual world.


-from the 6th lesson of the World Zohar Convention 5/9/10


Through All the Decorations, To the Director


As a person rises from one level to the next and goes through various states, he mustn't forget that there is just one force in reality. It's not him or the environment, but only the Upper Force, the all-inclusive Nature, the Creator, who organizes all these states for him, and he exists in connection with Him.

It's true that I have to lower myself before the environment and that I have to study the books that were written by wise people, Kabbalists, and that I must continuously build myself anew. But through all of these means, this wrapper, this entire theater, I am connected with the only Director who arranges everything by the rule, "Thou hast hemmed me in from behind and before."

Then I don't just go through levels and states or build a relationship with the group, but I am always connected to Him through all the means He has placed between us. They are like adapters that help me to reveal Him. Gradually, as I study them, I see that all these obstacles and degrees of concealment between me and Him are intended to help me change so I will become more and more similar to Him, to the Director who organizes everything for me.

Then I begin to perceive the surroundings, the atmosphere, the friends, studies, and teacher, as His representatives. I stop attributing any significance or existence to them in and of themselves, and they gradually disappear in my eyes. I no longer see them as having their own forces, power, and influence.

I relate them to the Creator more and more, and to this degree I justify them and the Creator, who acts this way with me. That is how I acquire a connection with Him. Then I love everyone, since they helped me attain adhesion with Him. And the whole world is then called "the holy Shechina" - one desire, inside of which the Light fills everything. And this desire is mine.


-from the 8th lesson of the World Zohar Convention 5/9/10


The Eternal Engine On The Way To Infinity


What is the difference between the World of Infinity and our world? In the World of Infinity everything exists inside one closed space, where we are all together, everything is shared, everything belongs to all and to every person, and there is no difference between myself and others, or between what belongs to me and to others. Everything exists without any boundaries.

However, in our world everything is the opposite. Everything is absolutely divided and a person is always guarding his boundaries whether he wants to or not. He has to break down these boundaries in order to come close to another person even slightly. Then he once again closes himself off inside, as if nature is pulling him back. And then he once again wants to come closer to others, and after that he once again escapes inside himself. Therefore, as long as we don't attain Infinity, there is a very important principle for our spiritual work. It is the same principle that guides the functioning of an oscillatory circuit, which consists of a condenser and an induction spring, connected within an electrical chain.

If we supply energy to the circuit, then it first passes through the condenser, then through the spring, and then it again enters the condenser, and then once again the spring. That is how it oscillates between them.

This principle operates elsewhere as well, besides electrical chains, because whatever takes place in one of nature's mechanisms also takes place in all of nature and all of its various parts. However, it takes place in different forms depending on the type of system it is (whether physical, biological, or social, meaning a person's relationship with society).

Therefore, my relationship with the group must be built on the same principle: When I feel inspiration and the importance of the goal, I have to pass them on to the group, and when I feel empty, I receive inspiration from the group which I contributed to it before. However, it becomes multiplied by the might of the group. That is how we take turns working within a closed chain.


 -from the 9th lesson of the World Zohar Convention 5/9/10


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