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The Daily Page - 05-04-10

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

Reincarnations Of Souls In Our Desire


If reality depends on the environment, then what do reincarnations of souls mean in this context?

Reincarnations of souls are changes in the desires. After all, nothing exists but the desire, and this desire changes. Within this transient desire, we perceive ourselves in one reincarnation or in the next one, within the intention for the sake of receiving or for the sake of bestowal.

The difference between this world and the future world, between the Creator and the creation, are all different states of the desire. The desire that is in the state of bestowal is called "the Creator." The desire that is in the state of reception is called "the creation."

Currently we perceive within our desire that we are living here, in this world. The desire will change and we will begin to feel that we are living in a different reality. A change in the desire determines everything. But, we cannot imagine states in which we do not yet exist.

However, for Kabbalists who exist in the desire to bestow as well as in the desire to receive, both parts of reality are above corporeal life and death, since they are in control of both types of phenomena in the desire.

Certainly, a person who has not corrected himself yet goes through reincarnations or various changes of the desire, until he completes his path by acquiring control over all the desires, all the qualities that can possibly be revealed.


Revealing The Past In The Future


The story of coming out of Egypt is the revelation of the process of transitioning from feeling our world in the egoistic desires, to feeling the Upper World in the acquired quality of bestowal. A person takes his whole household, meaning all his desires: the desire to receive that is his "wife," as well as his "children"-his next states, and he tells them about the past.

In other words, he reveals the past in the future desires, through this story. He goes through a revelation, which he performed unconsciously when he came out of his egoistic desire through the Machsom.

At that time, the Creator performed this action on him, and he "ran in a hurry, in darkness," performing this escape without understanding it. He couldn't even feel these actions because everything occurred in darkness, in concealment from him.

However, now as he sits and tells this story, he returns to the same states. He examines the Creator's actions which were performed on him, and carries out these actions on himself, on his "household," and on the "children," meaning on his future states. He repeats the Creator's actions after Him. This is precisely what is called the story of coming out of Egypt, when the "father" tells his "son": "Look what the Creator has done with me..."

First the Light raised him to the degree of bestowal, "gave on deposit" (Lavu Elai). With the force of bestowal which he has now, he can perform the same actions on his own with the desires that are situated below him (Ve Ani Porea). In this manner, he repeats the Creator's actions of bestowal and becomes just like Him.

First we receive all the forces, Lights, and knowledge from Above. The Creator teaches us, like children, and gives us everything until we grow up and are able to carry out these actions on our own. No one demands that we become adults immediately, but after we receive all the forces and are led out of Egypt, we are obliged to repeat these actions on our own.


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