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The Daily Page - 30-11-09

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Perceiving The True Reality


What does it mean "to perceive the Creator"? It means to perceive the true reality. In other words, it does not matter if I am feeling good or bad, but rather to be above it. As it is written "A judge has nothing but what his eyes see." My eyes see means that I can see bad things or good things, and not to be dependent on my heart, but to be detached from my own interest. The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us that we must only attain that.

For now, you are not seeing anything real. You identify the smallest layer out of everything that you feel in reality. You are using your smallest desire and doing it selectively, fastidiously. You examine the reality according to what is good and bad for you, and you do so according to despicable and insignificant criteria-whatever is good for your navel, and that is it.

And what do you discover? What your belly wants, and pardon me, also what something slightly below it wants. Food and sex-that is all. What else operates the person? Nothing beyond that. So according to this measure I am going to discover the Upper Worlds? I cannot reveal anything this way.

Therefore the wisdom of Kabbalah says that you must rise above it. Does this demand sound illogical? The wisdom of Kabbalah says:

- "Your perception cannot be real, objective. Come out of yourself."

- You may reply: "But I am built this way. How will I be able to come out of myself?"

- And It answers: "Right, we will help you. But you can come out of yourself, become elevated."

- "What does it mean ‘to become elevated,' with what desires will I be working?"

- "With your desires, but you must reveal them. And then you will discover additional great desires, but if you rise above them in the quality of bestowal, inside them you will feel an independent reality, which is not damaged by you."

What is the quality of bestowal? The ability to be independent from myself. Do not bestow to anyone. Disconnect from yourself in order to be a judge who sees the born, like we said earlier. This is the only thing that you must do.

They tell you: You have additional desires, great ones, in which you can see the true reality, but these are not your small egoistic desires. So what are they? It seems to you that those desires are strange. Connect them to you. How? Join those desires to you with that quality in which you rise above your small ego.

Thus you "buy" the friend, meaning buy the will to receive, increase it. You buy it by attaching it to you to begin with, by being on top of it. And that happens through your awareness, in which you grasp the reality in a perception that does not depend on the desire.

To you, that desire becomes the vessel of reception of the true reality as it is. You do not insert your obstacles into this reality-whether something is for your sake or not for your sake-but rather you perceive it like that, as it is, openly, regardless of if it is for your own bad or good.

The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about that -about that unquestionable, independent way of perception, without involvement on your part. In physics they use a similar metaphor when they want to describe that a sensor does not insert itself into the phenomenon that it is identifying, but reveals the phenomenon itself.

So what does the wisdom of Kabbalah tell us? Reveal the whole desire, rise above it, begin to receive inside of it without any involvement on your part, and you will discover the true reality inside your desire. And then, that desire will grow to great dimensions, to the ability to perceive this whole reality as it is. This is called that the Creator has entered you as He is. This is the "wisdom of perception," the "wisdom of Kabbalah," the wisdom that explains how to receive.

The Spiritual World Is Felt Through The Desires Of Others

When you bring the desires of others closer to you, you fulfill the necessary condition for feeling the spiritual world, "Love your neighbor as yourself." By turning the desires of others into your own desires, you will feel the Upper World through them. So what do you have to do to bring their desires closer to you? You have to try to envision the correlation between yourself and others in the following way.

What seems to you as another person, "the  neighbor," is actually your own desire. It is outside of you in order to give you the opportunity to accept it as being corrected. There are egoistic desires inside you that you cannot correct; you can only "freeze" them and ascend above them. Besides that, there is also a "foreign" desire to enjoy that is outside of you; but it only seems foreign because it is corrected in relation to you and has the form of bestowal!

There is a great common Kli or desire that is entirely aimed at bestowal. And then there is you, the receiver, with just your own small black box. Do you want to see the true reality? Go ahead - it's inside that common Kli! It's here! All you have to do is enter it, become part of it and feel it! It is above and beyond all the boundaries and limits; it is absolutely good and does only good. It has no life or death, but just Infinite fulfillment.

The desires of other people are already corrected. They are all inside Malchut of the World of Infinity, which includes everything. However, you have to acquire them, and you can only do so gradually, bit by bit. You enter there a little bit at a time, until you encompass it all. On this path you go through five worlds and 125 levels, gradually acquiring this entire huge desire.

However, you acquire that which is ready and corrected! You only have to know how to receive it by correcting your attitude to it, by connecting to it the right way. This is the meaning of Malchut of the World of Infinity.

Kabbalists write that the "neighbor" is your spiritual Kli which is already corrected and is outside of you, in other people. You only have to make it a part of you, connect to it and approach it correctly. You have to perform a restriction (Tzimtzum Alef) on your egoism in order to make sure that you don't demand more than your animate body needs. Then everything else will be your Kli, and you can take it!

This desire that's outside of you is your soul, whereas the "you" of today is a disappearing illusion.


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