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The Daily Page - 01-07-10

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

I Came, But No One Was There!


If people are not united with one another, then the Creator does not see them. It's as if they don't exist, even if it is all of humanity.

The Creator does not see each person individually, separate from others. He sees only the connections among people, and He considers only the quantity and strength of these connections. That is why the Creator said "I came, but no one was there!"

The same thing is true inside us. Our decisions do not arise inside the actual neurons of the brain, but rather, upon the connections between the neurons-in the synapses, the place where two neurons make contact.

It is precisely these contacts, connections, and chains of connections in our brain that constitute the basis of our thinking, the "human being" in us. That is, a person's essence is not present in the actual elements of his system, but in the connections between the elements.

However, the outcome of these connections is found elsewhere. It is not present in the actual matter, but towers above it. It lies on a different, higher level of reality.


 -from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/01/10


Let’s Agree With His Plan


Do you remember the story about the good magician? It says that stones, flowers, and animals were unable to give the Creator a sufficient desire for the fulfillment that He wanted to bestow upon them, or to return His love and bestowal. Only man can understand Him, feel Him, and be like Him. That is why the two are able to attain unity with one another.

We have to attain the same unity among us, just as this man-who incorporates everyone within-did with the Creator. We have to understand that unity is the best possible thing, and it is the reason why the Creator broke us into parts, breaking us in order for us to unite among ourselves. He tells us: "If you can become such great, beloved friends that you unite as one man with one heart, then you will be able to understand Me, feel Me, and join Me!"

Clearly this requires tremendous work. The Torah talks about how the angels (meaning the forces of nature) did not understand the Creator's plan before creation developed to the final, fourth phase. Understanding comes only at this final, human level, as it is written: "This field has been sown for me." This means that everything is done for man's sake, but it is impossible to understand the final goal until the desire develops to this level. That is the meaning of the verse "Do not show a fool a job half done."

Angels are forces inside us which are still underdeveloped and don't understand the Creator's plan or the need for this development. Two points, the beginning and the end of creation, are already set in advance and they determine everything that will happen on the path between them. If we unite these two points, the initial point and the final point, then we will immediately reveal the Creator's entire program from beginning to end. It will be clear, along with all its details. Then we will only have to implement it in practice, but we won't have any questions or doubts about what is happening.

Nevertheless, there is just one small addition that occurs inside this program: It is called our freedom of will! This is the necessary effort that comes from man himself, where man has to understand and desire of his own accord to become part of the Creator's higher program.

So let's agree with the program, just like the angels listened to the Creator's explanation and agreed with it.


-from the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/01/10


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