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The Daily Page - 09-12-09

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

Reveal The World That Is Inside Us


The Zohar directs us only at revealing the world inside us and there finding all the possible inner notions-myself, the world, and the still, vegetative, animate and human levels. After all, everything we can only imagine now, including ourselves, is inside of us.

If I relate to The Book of Zohar in this way, knowing that it reveals myself to me, then the book will tell me about me. Everything I read in The Book of Zohar takes place inside me. I am essentially a screen, and the force of desire depicts various forms, images and actions on my screen. On different levels of my desire to enjoy, this force either depicts inanimate objects, or the vegetative world, or the animate world, or the human world. All of these pictures appear inside of my desire to enjoy and they are drawn by the force of desire.

Similar to how we see images on a computer screen, there is a "photo camera" inside us that creates an illusion of the reality that appears before us. But in actuality, there is no reality; it is all our desire to enjoy receiving these impressions from the force that acts inside it, depicting various images inside the desire. We, in turn, discern these images as inanimate objects, plants, animals and people, depending on the level of desire that they are depicted on.

Therefore, while reading The Book of Zohar, I have to imagine that I am a small world and everything is inside me; the ocean, mountains, colors, sounds, trees, people and all events are taking place inside me. Then I will gradually start to shift from images that are being described by The Zohar to qualities and forces. Instead of responding to the words of this book by imagining animals, people, trees and all the things happening to them, I will gradually begin to discern these qualities within me. In essence, there are just two qualities-reception and bestowal, but they can be present in varying degrees and expressed in different ways.

We have to try to recognize everything that is being described by this book. As soon as we really make the transition to the world of forces, we will begin to see the truth and to understand that all the images we now see are an imaginary world, and in reality, it is all just forces. And then, behind these forces, we will gradually start to discern the One, Single Force-the Creator.

That is how we have to read The Book of Zohar.


Everything Depends On The Intention


Until we discover that we are not doing anything in this world and that we must rise above it and change the appearance of things there we will not be able to change anything for good or bad in this world. Our world is completely run from above. Will the world really change as a result of burning more or less fuel? Did the world tip over some millions of years ago; have there been ice ages in the past, or afterwards in different eras?

These are processes which we do not know anything about unless we are studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, and then it should be clear to us that it is not in our ability to change a thing on the level of this world.

I can burn all the oil in the world, pollute the air, and nothing will change. We do not understand one simple principle we are not changing a thing on the level of our actions in this world. You think you are influencing the climate? You will not influence it even if you blow up all the atomic bombs in the world right now. Perhaps externally it will appear to us that the damage was caused as a result of that, but in truth the damage will be caused as a result of you doing it out of the evil within you. You are disturbing the world in your thoughts by not activating the Upper Force who will perform the correction for you. This is the way to truly influence the world, and not by burning or not burning something. A negative or positive attitude toward others is the only way in which we are influencing the world finally realize it; There is nothing else.

It is similar to how a surgeon who incises a person gets paid for it, while a criminal who stabs a person goes to jail. In other words, everything depends on the intention. We change nature in our thoughts but not in explosions or by fire itself. This needs to be clear to us.

This is not simple, but if we look back and sum up our entire history we will reach the conclusion that the whole difference lies in the intention: whether it is in order to receive or in order to bestow.

Therefore the real question regarding the green organizations that operate in the world today is whether their desire is to benefit themselves is it their ego which is influencing, or perhaps through their actions they truly want to bring about a correct connection between people.

Let us assume the following : according to Al Gore's words everyone will reduce fuel emission by 10%. If you ask me, I'd say that this will influence only for the worse. That is because the power of his ego would be what operates in the world and causes this result, and not the reduction in burning fuel. The intention in order to receive or in order to bestow is what changes reality. This is the change in perception which we must go through.


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