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The Daily Page - 17-12-09

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

An Exalted Goal


The Zohar explains to us that if people want to walk down the negative path, if they want to connect their negative qualities, they will be able to succeed in that. That is because the actual annulment before the others constitutes the use of sanctity and a step toward unity. Even though those people want to use unity for a negative purpose, the unity act itself is a positive action, a holy one, and therefore it can succeed. Therefore, in our days, from the outset one is not given the opportunity to succeed in such a way.

This too can be seen in our lives, in our world ─ although countries want to connect among them, and various groups want to connect in order to benefit the world, we will not succeed, and will continue to be unsuccessful.    Why did Soviet Russia and the Kibbutzim (collective settlements) fail in their attempts to achieve unity? Because they wanted to use the unity among them in order to build a tower that would reach the skies. Therefore the Zohar warns us about this in advance.

The intention should be "Think before you act"─ we must aim for the correct goal. And our ability to identify it does not matter. If we err, then we err. Are we not able to identify the goal in advance? Are we unable to crosscheck all of those conditions together? It does not matter. The extent to which we are capable of doing so suffices for now.

However, if from the outset we plan to build for ourselves a city and tower through the unity among us, it is called "ZON de Klipa," and if so, there is no doubt that this connection is bad and is prone to failure. Let us hope that we will not repeat those mistakes with all the smart ones who organize the G8 and G20 meetings, and all the connections in our world whose goal is to use that connection in order to succeed on this world's level. There is no doubt that such initiatives will fail; the only question is how much longer we are going to continue building all those towers and realize that they shatter, burn, and break.

Therefore we must demonstrate to the whole world through our dissemination, that every attempt at unity on this world's level, without inserting the correct goal into it in the first place, will only cause damage. You can see that Russia is gradually falling apart, is destroyed and is vanishing as a result of the city and tower which they aspired to build.


Bring The Creator Into The Picture


Let us assume that in light of the environmental crisis and all the other problems the world is facing, we would all reach the conclusion that we need to connect with each other, because we all live in one house called planet Earth.  In past history, the Creator allowed large megaprojects to succeed temporarily, only to be shown as failures later.  Today, the failure of such large-scale undertakings would appear at the outset.  And so it will continue until people realize that the cause for all that is bad, for the confusion, for man's evil inclinations and his inability to build something permanent in our world, is the lack of our connection with the Creator's system.  It is not sufficient just to connect among ourselves; it is necessary that the connection be built in order to reach similarity with the Creator.  The goal for which we connect is critical; it is the key to our success. 

In the coming months there will be additional signs to the current crisis, which will be manifested as environmental disasters, epidemics, and other problems. They will lead us to the conclusion that in order to solve them we will need to connect with each other.  But unfortunately people will not understand that these calamities will come to us from above.  The painful events will continue in order to force us to recognize the Creator and the true purpose our existence.  This is the "path of pain," which is long and unpleasant.  However, there is an alternative; through the dissemination of Kabbalah we can understand what the goal of our lives is, what we need to do to fulfill that purpose; this is an easier, less painful and much faster path for solving the world's problems.


The Right Attitude To The Problems That Are Revealed


The single concealment is the reverse side of the Creator. This is a connection with Him, but a negative one. A person's vision is clouded by everything: He has problems with his family, children and wife, with his boss at work, his bank balance, and his health. However, he always attributes everything taking place to the Creator and understands that this is simply the Creator's way of playing with him.

If he doesn't forget that everything comes from the Creator and does not lose this connection, he is already in the state of single concealment, the reverse side of the Creator. This state contains various sublevels, which depend on how one understands the reason for why the Creator is doing all of this. Perhaps it's because He wants to punish the person for the mistakes he made in the past? On the other hand, a person may know that there is no such thing as punishment. Or he might decide that the Creator has always treated him well, even in the past; or he breaks all of his ties to the past and focuses entirely on the future. In other words, he feels that the Creator sends him suffering in order to help him advance in the future. The Creator pressures him similar to how parents pressure their child because they want the child to succeed.

Once a person reaches this realization, he begins to justify the Creator-either with regard to the past or the future, with the latter approach being more correct. However, the problems may be so great that a person becomes confused completely. He comes to the bank, or home, or work, and everywhere he encounters so many challenges that he forgets about the Creator and remains alone with his problems. His excuse for this is that he must first put his life in order.

It's true-you really do have to work on your problems, but at the same time, you shouldn't forget that they come from the Creator. You have to do everything that is expected of you in this world, but with the intention that you will attain the Creator's revelation through these actions.

The Creator uses all of these situations to reveal His opposite side to you. So the right way for you to see the situation is to correct the problems in the bank, with your family, and with your health, but to do it for the sake of revealing the Creator ("His face"), instead of thinking that the most important thing is to get rid of the problems themselves.

If you worry only about how to fix your bank account, your family problems and your health, then nothing will help, and even greater problems will come. But if you do all of this for the sake of revealing the Creator, or in other words-with a different intention, then everything will work out-even your bank balance.

The reverse side of the Creator becomes revealed to us through all of these situations in order for us to find the right attitude to Him and to reveal His face. This revelation will elevate us above all the problems.


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