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The Daily Page - 21-03-11

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

The Creator Does Not Exist Outside of Us


Question: How is it possible to ask the Creator for help and to desire only to bestow, without receiving anything for ourselves?

Dr. Laitman's Answer: This is exactly what we ask for. I ask the Creator to give me the opportunity to bestow, where "to bestow to the Creator" means to bestow to the group because it is written, "I dwell among My people." This is the same thing.

There is no other Creator. "I dwell among My people" means that He becomes revealed in the group. The common force of the group is called "the Creator." To bestow to the group as a whole means to bestow to the Creator.

We think about this in the earthly sense and that's why it seems to us, "What's so special about the group? What can I give to them? How silly!" But if you really would come out of yourself to bestowal to others, you would reveal the upper reality instead of this world. It's just that we don't achieve this.

A question arises: But many philosophic teachings also advocated bestowal to society and considered the voice of the people to be the voice of God? Yet, that is incorrect because they did not use the correcting Light, the inner force that is present in society.

At the end of the day, what does the science of Kabbalah say? You have nothing besides desire. Inside of this desire there is a special force called "the Creator," which was concealed there from the beginning. You can awaken this force inside of the group if you really want to advance to it, to bestow to the group. There you come face to face with the end results -with yourself, with the group, and with the Creator. Everything is inside of the group, in the bestowal that you acquire outside of yourself.

And it makes no difference whether you bestow to the group or the Creator. Bestowal in the group means bestowal to the Kelim or desires of others, whereas bestowal to the Creator means that you become more included into the common force of bestowal that reigns inside of these desires.

We have to detach from the religious notions, from our inherent faith in some kind of Creator who rules somewhere up in the sky and influences us from there. Look at how much power this stereotype still has over us! But in fact, there is no upper force outside of us! This force is inside of the group, in the connection between us. And there is nothing besides this reality, which you reveal. There is nothing outside of reality.

By delving increasingly deeper into these notions, you start to understand that this is a very materialistic approach.


From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 03/21/11, The Zohar


A Lego Made Out of the Creator’s Pieces


Question: During the lesson we work with the Light that corrects us. But what do we work with at the Convention?

Dr. Laitman's Answer: At the Convention this happens even more! We don't have any other means to influence what is happening to us besides the Light that reforms. It is the only thing we can awaken!

We awaken our future states that haven't been revealed in us yet and which are about to be revealed. They are states of bestowal to the outside, where every person bestows outward, to his neighbor. This is precisely the quality that we want to discover-each person inside of him and all of us as a whole.

When we reveal this quality of bestowal, it means that we have revealed the Creator. As Kabbalists tell us, this quality gave birth to us, formed us, and dispersed us far away from one another so that by uniting with each other we would reveal it once again.

In the meantime, the Creator is in exile. What does that mean? We can say that He also disintegrated into tiny pieces and is inside all of these broken parts that are far away from one another. As soon as you begin connecting them, you start to recreate or restore Him, the common force of bestowal.

We have to build an image for ourselves that is close to the truth. Otherwise we live in various religious fantasies, imagining an unreal, non-materialistic picture.

We have to understand that the difference between faiths or religions and the science of Kabbalah is that faiths or religions want to imagine spirituality in the material desires, which perceive everything "within" and therefore build their notions according to the earthly reality, with creation being below and the Creator being above, as if they are separated by distance rather than qualities. They do not talk about man's correction.

In contrast, the science of Kabbalah says that everything is inside of man. Thus, the upper reality or dimension becomes revealed in a person's inner corrections and changes. Therefore, the most important thing for us is to correct man. By correcting our qualities, a person feels that the Creator is revealed inside of him.


From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 03/21/11, The Zohar


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