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The Daily Page - 08-10-09

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

The Need For The Third Component


The person can never imagine that his will to receive can increase more than its degree in a certain state. Thus, every addition of will to receive is a new creation. And as much as the person overcame himself last time and thought that he is already prepared to be in total devotion and reached a correction in that state, he reveals another foundation of the will to receive, and everything collapses. That foundation turns his state to a dark one, to an incomprehensible one, to a loathed one, where he does not have the ability to do anything.

However, the person recovers afterwards and finds the means by which he can find the force that will correct him. And truthfully, this corrective force is already prepared. A person must only put all the components together, himself with all the rest of the souls. The fact that it seems to him like he is in the will to receive instead of in the will to bestow stems from his attitude toward all of the souls - the force of breakage is the one that tells him: "you are different than them." But if one connects himself to the others, he reveals the corrected vessel. And he can do so only with the third component, with the Creator.

Our ascent from below upwards is purposely constructed so that the desire within us grows every time from the left side and against it the Light increases, which seems to us as dark from the right side. This happens in order for us to need the Creator. In other words, as opposed to the descent from above downward where the third component was present and itself caused it, in the ascent from below upward we must identify and draw this third component through the group. We need to have it, so that it will decide between these two forces - between the will to receive and the Light.



Implementing Free Choice


Question: Today every person has the option to turn on the television and tune in to our channel. But is every person who connects to our channel already capable of implementing his free choice?

Our free choice does not depend on the television channel, but on the maturity of the point in the heart. And if this point is indeed ripe in a person, then his free choice is to connect to the environment, through which he can draw the Light that reforms. This is the feeling called "free choice." A person can attain it after two or three years of watching our channel, or alternatively after spending a few years at the Bnei Baruch center and slowly digesting things until realizing that he attains nothing through his intelligence.

But several years need to pass until a person begins to question what will come of it. I have seen many people who are sunken in their intelligence for dozens of years, and enjoy it so much and can even influence others with that. They may know limitlessly and still not feel any need for spiritual attainment. And even after they feel the need for attainment, and they are bitter that after all "I don't have," they do not feel that there is a connection between "I have no attainment" and "I don't have the quality of bestowal," even though they are the same thing.

Moreover, an additional year or two may pass until a person begins to realize that the connection with the rest of the souls, with the desire's internality, in the place to which the Creator brought him, is the means by which he will reveal the quality of bestowal, and that only the Light's influence can bring a person necessity in the quality of bestowal. These are indeed long stages, but these are the stages of scrutinizing free choice.

In conclusion, free choice begins at the point where one begins to understand that the connection with the rest of the souls, with the points in the heart, with those desires, is the way to attain the quality of bestowal, which is "spirituality." It takes years for a person to reach it, but this is also a part of the correction process, because one does not stand still on his path but rather he changes.



There Is Nothing More Important Than The Daily Kabbalah Lesson


Question: Do you think that other than the daily Kabbalah lesson, where both you and all the people who yearn to draw the Light are present, there exists a different kind of medium through which a person receives the influence of the Surrounding Light?

I do not see today a different form in which a person can receive the option to learn, to receive the Surrounding Light's illumination and the force of connection, other than the daily lesson. You cannot point out any occasion similar to this. As Baal HaSulam writes: "I have laid my hand on the good fortune. This is what you should take." Then the Creator brings the person to the group, to the books, to the guide, but a person can implement these means only if he enters an experience such as the daily lesson. Therefore there is nothing more important than that.



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