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The Daily Page - 06-01-10

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

Formula For Happiness: 1+1=1


A question I received: I am an egoist who feels pleasure when my neighbor's car blows up and suffering when my neighbor buys a new car. Where can I get a different formula for attaining happiness?

My Answer: If you want to suffer from the misfortunes that befall your neighbor, and to be happy when he is happy, then you should marry his daughter-then he will be "your" family.

Do you understand now? You need a connection with him so his Kelim will become your own! If you become one family, then you will feel pleasure from all his successes and acquisitions. You only have to connect your Kelim to his. Otherwise, every new acquisition he gains will become a huge loss for you.

The fact that we perceive others' Kelim as external allows us to ascend to a different level. This is why the breaking occurred. If I now connect the external Kelim to me, I will acquire the qualities of the Creator which I could never acquire otherwise.

The Creator divided me into two parts and gave me a sensation that one of the parts is foreign to me. But who are the people foreign to me, really, if the entire universe consists of just me and Him? So, a "foreign" person is just how the Creator appears to me. If I now attach that outsider to me, it will mean that I adopt the qualities of the Creator.

He created within me this artificial division into "myself" and "Him," where the external part is called "clothing and castles" or "another person." Now there are two parts inside my desire: myself and the neighbor, and I have to work in order to attach the neighbor to myself because I will thereby acquire the qualities of bestowal, love for the neighbor.

When I do this, I will begin to feel the same thing toward the Creator. He is outside of this entire sphere, but I have a means that enables me to imagine and feel Him-I can go from love for the neighbor to love for the Creator, and thus, gain a connection with Him. The opportunity we have to perceive reality as divided into two parts is a special patent and a salvation, because it enables us to make attempts to attach the external part to the inner one. Otherwise our situation would be hopeless.

Therefore, we must use this entire world as a means for our own correction, since the whole world was created for us, in order to enable us to attain the Creator.


Learn To Awaken The Dawn


A person in our world studies at a university for several years, takes many exams, and suffers when he doesn't understand something, but later, when he completes the studies, receives a diploma, and leaves the university, he can't remember: Why did he study in the first place? Well, he did it in order to gain a certain approach to his area of expertise, in order to gain the ability to learn new things. His previous knowledge is not a basis for this; it only gives him the right approach that makes him better able to perceive "the Light that Reforms."

The same ability is passed down in spirituality from one degree to the next. As I go from one degree to another, I become more skillful and sensitive to the Light, and I am better able to attract it. I don't know what the Light is, but I already know how it works. I am able to recognize it and, from within my desires, I am able to understand how it should come to me and what its influence should be. To some degree I am prepared for new, unknown states. I am able to evoke the Light's influence upon myself of my own accord, and when the Light comes, I am ready for it.

From within my qualities, I already recognize and desire the right influence of the Light. Even in the Light's absence, in the darkness, during the transition from this world into the world to come, I can already awaken the dawn.

Therefore, our entire work is to perpetually keep searching, because the search brings us new understanding of the future degrees.


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