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The Daily Page - 03-01-10

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

A Glimpse Of Unknown Spiritual States


Question from a Student: How can I tell if I have the right sensations while reading The Zohar?

Dr. Laitman's Answer: It doesn't matter. The most important thing is to hold on to the text and flow with it; eventually the stream will bring you to the right place. While reading The Zohar a person goes through very difficult states, sometimes he is completely confused, and sometimes he has no idea what is happening to him.

We have to be prepared for this ahead of time, because when we acquire the next level, we erase everything that we had on the previous level. It's like pressing the "Delete" button on the computer - everything disappears. That is how we advance to the next level.

These sensations don't exist in our world. We still haven't experienced transitions that are this intense, real, and serious. We only feel a sudden confusion, where we stop understanding the words and find ourselves in a fog. This will happen to every person, both those studying live and those studying over the internet. That is how our growth takes place. We no longer have to die and be reborn again, and then again and again, because we are going through these reincarnations during this life. A new reincarnation is always a new Kli - a new earth and a new sky; a new everything.

Therefore, you cannot know anything ahead of time. You should only accept the conditions that The Zohar sets for you, and if you are flowing together with this book, the stream will lead you forward and take you out of all of these difficult states. Then new sources of confusion will come, along with new epiphanies, while the old ones will be forgotten and gone. You will change so much that you won't even remember that you used to be different.

Therefore, for the time being we should look at ourselves critically and simply keep going. The advice Kabbalists give to a person who is confused is to delve even deeper into the studies, to keep breaking through even further. That is how you will advance and break through the foggy state. You just have to make more efforts, and this will make the state shift to a different one quicker.

If, on the other hand, a person gives up and tries to leave the studies and to take a break, then he is thrown backwards. Later on he will have to take the same steps forward all over again, but under much more difficult conditions. Therefore, as soon as you feel that you are confused and in a fog, you should realize that this is a wonderful state. It's a sign of a new level, and now all you have to do is "step on the gas"!


You Can’t Accomplish Anything Alone


I don't exist by myself; I only exist if I funnel myself through a mechanism called the unity of all the souls. That is why I want to open myself up through The Book of Zohar, since its force comes in order to implement this connection between all my parts, which now seem alien to me.

This is exactly what The Book of Zohar is intended for; otherwise I won't be under its ray of Light. This ray is very thin, like the beam of a laser, and if I veer even one millimeter away from it, I will no longer see it. I have to be exactly in this ray in order for it to influence me.

Kabbalists explain this condition to us, saying that if we connect to all the souls in the right way, then we will place ourselves inside this ray. As soon as the unity is broken, everyone falls apart and scatters in every possible direction. This ray is the only thing capable of holding us together.

This happens on every level of the spiritual ladder-we can only climb it along this ray. As soon as we let go of one another, everything immediately falls apart and the ray of Light is unable to hold us together. This is the only force that preserves our unity. Therefore, it is for the sake of this unity that we desire to attract the Light. We need the Creator to connect us together, and that means we have to attract the Light that Reforms.

How can we feel this unity? We have to demand it while reading The Zohar; it has to give it to us. This was the reason why Kabbalists wrote this book, and we have the right to ask, "Where is the unity that's due to us, why isn't it affecting us?" If we all think about this together, it will become a great concern that we won't be able to forget for a moment. And then it will work. But alone, none of us will be able to accomplish anything.


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