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The Daily Page - 24-07-11

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

The Point from Which One Enters the Spiritual World


Question: What is the reason for the fact that when we read The Book of Zohar and keep a very tangible intention, it suddenly disappears, and we understand that it has disappeared only once we remember about it?

Dr. Laitman's Answer: That's obvious! This is given to us so we would demand the sensation. We are unable to keep two thoughts in our mind. What can be better than attuning myself correctly before reading The Book of Zohar, together with the friends, in a circle, and inside of it desiring to reveal what we are reading?

However, what happens is that I attune myself and start reading, and suddenly I become immersed in the text slightly more deeply. Then I no longer use it as "Sgula" - the special quality of the Light, wishing to reveal it in the connection between us. Instead, I switch my attention to the text itself, aspiring to understand it and to attain it, the way I read regular books, wishing to find out what they're talking about. I don't perceive what is written there as something that happens inside of me, between us, inside of us, but as something that exists outside of me. I immediately shift to the external picture.

After that, all kinds of alien thoughts come to me and I start "traveling" in these fantasies and calculations.

This happens until a person sees that he is unable to come out of this and it deprives him of the right approach where he would literally be able to "latch on by the teeth" in order to hold on to the right attitude to the reading.

What should he do? Eventually he reaches a demand that he needs the sensation-not to get to know the text or hear it, but to enter this picture, to attain it. He wants this to happen, for this picture to become clear to him. Just as he is in this earthly reality now, so he has to find himself inside of that spiritual reality.

Therefore, this entire confusion, all of these states have to bring us to such despair that we will desire only the sensation, while clearly realizing that we are incapable of anything on our own, even of keeping the intention. But nevertheless, we will clearly discern exactly what we do need.

Then, on one hand you understand that there is nothing you could do and there's no point even in opening up the book. You reach total despair. But on the other hand, you know that you are unable to leave this path because your entire life is in it. And then, you receive it....

This point is truly critical because from it, you can enter the spiritual world. And that is what really happens.


From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 07/24/11, The Zohar


In a Circle of Great Kabbalists


All Kabbalistic texts are intended for Kabbalists in order to convey inspiration and impression among them, as well as knowledge of the connecting network between the souls in which they exist. The aim of this is to reveal the upper force, the Creator faster, and to move other souls closer to correction.

We can also use these books without even knowing or understanding what Kabbalists write to one another because each of them writes on his own level. But when we read them like little children, aspiring to find out what they write there, what they want to convey to one another, and what they want to describe to us, when we open up these books by great Kabbalists, wishing to become similar to them in unity and mutual bestowal, meaning to join them, to join the system of souls where they exist in a connection with one another, to take our place among them, to gather in the same circle, then, with the help of these manuscripts, we merit coming closer to them.

That's because the texts written by Kabbalists contain their force, their thoughts. And if we desire to cleave to them, then by trying to unite with one another and by reading their texts together, we are asking to enter this system and to join the state they are in.

Therefore, while reading The Zohar, we should try not to forget that with the help of this text, we want to become corrected and included in the same system that already contains the souls, and we are the only ones still missing there in our unity. We come there once we connect with one another and desire to enter the same system where all the great Kabbalists already reside. In essence, this state already exists there and we are only searching for it. After all, The Zohar talks about our future state, which we reach and join.

So let's imagine ourselves in the common system of souls, among these great Kabbalsits-and let's ask for it!


From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 07/24/11, The Zohar


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