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The Daily Page - 01-10-09

Inner Concern In The Group


To the degree that I invest in the group, I receive support from it. On one hand, I need to awaken them as much as I can. On the other hand, I need to realize that nevertheless everything depends on how much I subjugate myself before them.

We operate toward the group and the group operates on us in two levels. I need to give the group the importance of the environment, and self-lowliness. And in return, I need to receive the importance of bestowal and the lowliness of receiving for oneself.

If I am concerned about these two channels from me to the group and from the group to me, and thus every single one of us, I then have strength. Whenever I can, and am in an ascent: I must give the importance of the group and self-lowliness. And whenever I am in descent and have no strength, I receive.

I always have strength, either from me to the group or from the group to me. And thus we work all the time, in both lines, in both opposite ends, where we later merge into a middle line and connect to one state. Therefore, the soul was divided into two parts, "me" and "outside of me," so that I treat the "outside of me" like I treat myself, which is mine, except that sometimes I give and sometimes they return.

This needs to be arranged in order for it to work without obstacles, in an obvious way, automatically, the group is prepared and every one of us is prepared. And each one according to his state, his level, as much as he can, awakens the group and puts in his internality. I am not talking about duties by rotation, all kinds of physical participations. I am talking about the inner concern, my concern for the group. Because while I am in ascent, I have nothing to worry about, only to insert myself into this stockpile, this storeroom, as much as possible.

And then comes a new vessel, meaning a new will to receive. It purposely comes to me as a descent - material that has just been added to the soul. I then receive from the group in return, multiplied by how much I invested in it. Precisely to the extent that this material is revealed in me, the new vessel, the darkness, I receive enough strength from it. The importance of the goal that I receive in return requires me to turn to the Surrounding Light. And thus I am always in a stable state.

This means that I am always in ascent, always in elevation, like a transition from alternating current to direct current. Everything moves in the same direction. We should not forget that in this attitude toward the environment lies my plea to the Surrounding Light.

--Taken from the Preparation to the Lesson



Focusing On An Attitude Of Bestowal Toward The Environment


Your vessel was constructed out of others' vessels. Other than a spark, other than a point, you have nothing of your own. You are like a cell in the general body. What can you do with your single cell? How can you revive it? How can you feel something in it, while you have nothing? You need to find a connection with the other cells.

The whole of reality is essentially one body called Adam (man), and you need to connect to it. You cannot connect to the Light because the Light is a phenomenon inside this body. The life that you feel inside this spiritual body is called "Light." The source of this life is called "Creator," meaning a more internal consciousness. But this is all felt inside the vessel and the vessel is the rest of the souls, or the rest of those small desires that also yearn for spirituality.

If you don't connect with them, you will never feel the life, the spiritual vitality. You won't be able to discover the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) either, because Surrounding Light is the same Light which is in them, in all of them together when they are connected, which for you is "Surrounding" in the meantime, because you can't reveal it as Internal Light (Ohr Pnimi). But in fact it is the same Light, there is no Surrounding and Internal.

We always work toward the world of Ein Sof (infinity) and to the extent that we yearn to reveal this state, we thus reveal it. In this perfect state, the third state, where all of us are in the world of Ein Sof, all the vessels are connected in mutual bestowal, in Arvut. This is the law of connection between them.

The feeling comes from this connection, because nothing comes from outside other than the feeling of connection, when everyone connects above the ego, it is called "Light." This is the quality which they feel exists in them. The vessel is incapable of receiving anything from outside whatsoever. It is only capable of feeling itself, its impression, its vibrations.

When the vessels begin to treat each other differently, they feel that something fills them. In fact their same feeling toward one another is what fills them. Out of building this attitude toward one another, inside this attitude toward the other they feel the other bestowing to them, filling them with something. Nothing actually comes from the other, but because I built a connection to the other, now I feel as if it was done in me, inside of me. So I feel now as if I am receiving from it. In fact, I am receiving from within myself, it is constantly growing from within. Realization over realization, feeling over feeling.

Everything is inside the person. It depends how he focuses himself solely toward the quality of bestowal, meaning toward the environment.

--Taken from the 1st Part of the Lesson



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