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The Daily Page - 04-10-09

The Ascent To The Next Level Depends Only On The Environment


Every one of us is given the free choice to rise to a higher level. Where is this free choice? On the one hand, we are able to feel the higher level, and we feel it as darkness. On the other hand, we are given the option of gaining strength against this darkness through the environment and the books. So now we need to choose.

If it is important for one to rise to a higher level, he turns to the environment and receives strength from it to turn to the Light through the darkness. Our problem is only in discerning what the "darkness" is. "Darkness" is lack of bestowal, a lack of spirituality, a lack of the Creator's revelation. If a person catches oneself thinking that one lacks bestowal, then naturally one turns to the group out of the darkness right away. Such a person need not think twice, because the essence of the definition of darkness - i.e. absence of bestowal - directs him to the group.

What does he receive from them? He receives the strength to live in that darkness as if it were Light. This is because we feel darkness only toward our will to receive, whereas toward our will to bestow, it is Light. After we receive strength from the group, we turn to the Elyon (Upper One) and ask Him for the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light). Then the Elyon corrects us and we reach the form of bestowal, and that darkness turns into Light.

--Taken from the Preparation to the Lesson


Progress Is Measured According To The Importance Of The Goal


If today we remain in the same importance of the goal as yesterday, then we do not progress. The entire choice whether to progress or not is in our hands. The internal teamwork is the main thing. We must constantly think that nothing will change without bringing forward our exertion at the point of connection. This is the only point. And in order to connect, we need the Upper Force, the third element that will maintain this contact between us. The place of breakage is among us, and we need the Upper Light to correct it. The desire for that is ours, the preparation of that place is our responsibility, and then the Upper Light comes and does this welding.

--Taken from the Preparation to the Lesson


Connecting Around The Daily Kabbalah Lesson


We need to progress together. In his articles "The Revelation of Godliness (Matan Torah)" and "The Arvut," Baal HaSulam writes that the force by which we can break the iron wall between us and the spiritual world lies only in collective attack.

If we connect as one man with one heart above the ego, and raise the importance of our yearning for spirituality, we turn the ego upside down, and thus, with the egoistic head facing downward, we can be born in the spiritual world.

In order to make this push happen, we must connect the entire World Kli around the daily Kabbalah lesson, where everyone gathers everyday. Together with this, during the day, everyone talks about the lesson's main topic, it is in my blog and in all the articles we write on that day, we create a daily clip about it and our friend Arkadi Duchin even writes songs based on the daily Kabbalah lessons.

In other words, the entire World Kli begins to connect around the lesson with a single intention, a single energy, a single process, and we are together in a single thought throughout twenty-four hours, and this is how it happens everyday.

When I read things from the lesson, when I think about it, I am together with the others, and we begin to integrate with one another, and instantly there is a connection in thought and feeling. Indeed, we are impressed and inspired by material speaking about the path to attaining the goal.

So now, as we are before the breakthrough, we must crystallize our force by connecting together around the daily Kabbalah lesson. Therefore, at least a one hour attendance at the daily lesson during those twenty-four hours is necessary for everyone who wants to be incorporated with us. If one cannot watch the whole lesson, then I recommend at least watching the lesson's preparation and the third part.

--Taken from the 3rd Part of the Lesson



Receiving Support From The Environment


I turn to the environment in order to receive strength from it, and that plea returns to me from the environment and influences me. I ask them for help, Arvut (mutual guarantee). What is the Arvut? It is that I will lack nothing. This does not mean that they will tell me, "We put money in your bank, we took care of your insurance, health maintenance, everything, don't worry." Rather, they give me such enlightenment, such psychological reassurance, that I rise above my will to receive and am willing to think about bestowal. I begin to feel that all of a sudden I don't worry about anything, and all that is left is to merge myself to bestowal. This is a feeling stemming from nearing the complete system that exists in spirituality. And the group can help a person attain that feeling.

We exist in the same system, in the world of Ein Sof (Infinity), and the breaking is only toward our senses, our feeling, our understanding. And now, I need to begin making sure that I skip over this "mishap," diminish it by the environment and the means that I have. I must make the effort to blow it away from me, not to feel it, because we correct only the feeling, and the reality remains the same reality. I must change my attitude toward what I feel. Even though I don't feel like that in my vessels, I want to change my perception, my habits, my feeling.

--Taken from the Preparation to the Lesson


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