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The Daily Page - 22-12-09

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First Signs Of A New Period


First Signs Of A New Period

What is a crisis? It is a condition in which your mind is already willing to digest more than what the current impression allows you. This is the root of feeling the crisis.

Meaning, I am willing to be impressed by higher things, more exalted than what this life is able to give me and therefore I enter despair, a crisis. What do we mean when we say "end of science," "end of the familial institution," "end of culture," "end of education" etc.? I feel that this is an "end," because I have developed mentally and emotionally and reached a state where the impressions in the level I am in no longer allow me to work: they are too small for me. I live in a world, but I feel like I live in a village.

Where does this stem from? As a result of the matter's integration with numerous impressions, data and reactions from which we constructed various systems and relations, such as Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, dictatorship, that family, another family, religion and Darwinism, pro and con ─ all the things that humanity has gone through throughout history. And eventually, after all those things, we discover that they are not worth a thing, but the brain is nonetheless willing to perceive higher impressions, and begins to search, yet they are not to be found. This is a sign that we are prepared to grasp impressions from a new level. And then comes the wisdom of Kabbalah and asks you: Do you want something new? Here you go. You are ready for it.

Question: What are we ready for? What is that new thing?

We are prepared to attain new impressions in our substance, in the will to receive. It can be said that we have exhausted the impressions in the material level, in the desire to receive. We are fed up with it already. We still play with it because we need to somehow carry ourselves in this life, because the impression inside the will to receive is one thing ─ whether I am receiving or not. And now, out of this impression we have reached a state where we want to feel an additional impression ─ not only from receiving but also from bestowing. We want both of these impression forms to stand facing one another. This is the state for which the person is now beginning to be internally prepared. This does not happen to everyone simultaneously and immediately, but this is the process that occurs.

This can also be explained in a different way. It is not that we have reached a crisis because we are satiated from impression from all those things throughout history, but rather the Reshimot (reminiscences) are the ones that brought us to the new revealed state. We have realized the Reshimot, which have been revealed in us all throughout history, in all kinds of civilizations in all of humanity, and now, we have reached a state where all the Reshimot that concern a simple fulfillment inside a simple will to receive ─ are over.

Now, it is time for the next Reshimot. After the time of the Reshimot "to receive" has passed, it is time for the Reshimot "to bestow" to be revealed. As long as you have realized the Reshimot of the will to receive only, you acted as a beast in this world. You had nothing to work with, but only to more or less enjoy all sorts of possibilities which were before you. This is your whole history. This is also the reason why the wisdom of Kabbalah was concealed. What do you need the wisdom of Kabbalah for? You only need it if you have the will to receive and its fulfillment, and the will to bestow and its fulfillment ─one against the other. What happens between them, the way to connect between them is called "the middle line"─ and this is "the wisdom of Kabbalah."

This is a complete process, and we are currently in its outset. Humanity does not at all understand where it is. It does not understand that new laws are already operating on it, new forces from the system of bestowal, apart from the system of reception. Once you become integrated, there are two forces that operate on you ─ both in attraction and in rejection. And here the wisdom of Kabbalah must already enter, as a method of revealing the correct work, the correct relation between all the parts, the connection between them ─ the software for operating the integral system. And according to the degree that you advance toward this system, you reveal it. But in order to reveal, digest, and implement it correctly, you must be familiar with the regularity that is in the system, its formula. And this formula is the wisdom of Kabbalah itself. And therefore it is revealed right now.


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