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The Daily Page - 26-01-10

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

Revealing The Power Of The World Kli


Question: We have just completed a Congress with tens of thousands of participants all over the world who wanted to unite. What were we missing to make the jump to the next spiritual level?

Dr. Laitman's Answer: We revealed that there are many people all over the world studying together with us who we didn't even know about. However, quantity is not the only thing that's important. We also have to reach a correct, powerful connection. In the meantime, every person still has his own idea of unity, but we already have a good, powerful base for creating it.

Now everything depends on how much every person will be able to understand and feel that:

1. The Creator created just one common desire.

2. It was deliberately arranged that we, the parts of the common desire, do not feel our connection as one inseparable whole in Malchut of the World of Infinity. On the contrary, being in this world we feel the broken Malchut, where we don't even feel our souls, but live in an imaginary reality which is nothing like the real one.

In actuality, all of reality is spiritual and we are now in an unconscious state. We perceive the lack of spiritual consciousness as our world and as us in it. Therefore, we must all understand that everything we see now is a fog, our shared fantasy, and we have to make efforts to return to the true reality. The true reality is founded only on our desire to feel our unity, our mutual inclusion into one another and of all of us together.


Time Of Giving And Time Of Reception


All of our work happens in the "dark" after we were together and felt unity and inspiration. Now that we have gone our separate ways, every group and every person has to attain the same joy, inspiration, and power that we reached at the Congress with our joint efforts.

If we do so, then by the time we meet at the next Congress we will arrive there with the force that we realized after our last meeting by ascending above all the "sinners" that become revealed in us. If we are always inspired from the time of our last Congress to the next one (which hasn't happened yet), then we will really be prepared for the next Congress.

We must now make efforts to feel the same elevation as we felt during the Congress. Otherwise, all our work will go to waste. Now is our chance to ascend. At the Congress we were influenced by the environment; every person influenced everyone else. This is why each of us felt elevated; it was an "awakening from Above." Now, in order to grow, we have to absorb all of that influence like a grain planted inside the earth.

Now is exactly the time each of us must do this! Each of us received everything from the others, but only potentially, rather than practically. The Congress is a time of giving, and now, between the Congresses, is the time of our reception when we have to absorb everything inside us, process it, and grow.

This constitutes our spiritual work. Instead of falling, each of us must stay at the same elevation as took place during the Congress. Do whatever you need to-dance from morning till night or cry over not being able to do more. But the most important thing is to make efforts. Otherwise you won't actualize what you have been given.

The joy we feel inside now must be much greater because it is the true joy of attainment. If we make several successful attempts, we will have the right inner preparation for entering the spiritual world. It will enable us to understand, assimilate, and live through the necessary spiritual degrees within us.

Granted, these aren't yet the real spiritual degrees, but are ascents by the power of an "awakening from Above" followed by us duplicating it with our own efforts, by an "awakening from below." The breaks between the Congresses and a Congress are similar to the weekdays and Saturday. It's like day and night, where all our work of preparing our desire takes place at night. When we correct our egoistic desires and give them the intention of bestowal, we reveal the same state as day.

The only thing that changes is one's attitude; one then feels that it's day. But nothing changes on the outside.


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