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The Daily Page - 07-02-10

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

How To Find 5 Ounces Of Gold In 100 Tons Of Junk Metal


The ten students of Rabbi Shimon who wrote The Book of Zohar are the ten Sefirot of the corrected soul. This is why they are able to bring to us the Upper Illumination (Zohar), the Light that originates from the head of Zeir Anpin. This Light comes from the highest source, and as such, it is the highest possible Light that can reach us.

As I try to find the qualities that The Zohar describes inside me, I have to understand that all ten Sefirot exist inside me even on my small level. I just can't discern them inside my desire, which is like a single drop. For now my desire still lacks aim, yet it is like a drop of semen that already contains everything that will happen to it later on, all the qualities and all of life. It is missing only my effort; this is what I have to add to that drop, which is like a drop of semen from which a person (me) will develop.

The effort is made by working with the environment (the group) and the book. The environment inspires me with a greater desire for the spiritual goal, but most importantly, it gives me the right desire. Sometimes a person is burning up with a great desire and thinks that he doesn't need the group, but that is because he can't see that his desire is incorrect and not aimed at the goal. It can only be a correct desire if he lets it pass through the group. His personal desire will never be aimed at the Creator because the Creator becomes revealed inside the connection between the souls (us). Therefore, we have to let all of our desires pass through the group. That is how we will receive the force of unity and bestowal from all the group members.

If you are simply burning up with a great desire for Kabbalah and the Creator, this doesn't mean anything yet. You still don't desire spirituality because spirituality is bestowal and love for one's neighbor, and those are things you surely don't desire very much. You have to let your enormous desire pass through the group, and then you will see how much it really is or isn't aimed at spirituality. Maybe you will be left with five ounces out of the 100 tons of desire that is burning inside you. But those five ounces will be aimed at the goal and you will really be able to use them to turn to the Creator. As for the rest of the 100 tons, you are simply burning up with them but standing in the same place, not going anywhere.

This is why we have to bring our drop of "spiritual semen" into the right environment: It's in order to receive the force of bestowal and the right direction from it. The group molds us like dough, which can then be placed into the oven in order to bake into bread.


There Is No Man Without The Creator And No Creator Without Man


If you bestow less than you are able, then it's not bestowal. This is how the middle line is built. It cannot emerge unless there is a precise measure of maximal bestowal.

The middle line does not exist initially and we do not know its measure, but it constitutes the entire "human being" inside us. We have to create this human being so he will be equal to the Creator. So how do we build and create the middle line in the Creator's image if it is to consist of two forces: male and female, right and left? We don't know what this connection is or what form this creature called "man" should have. When he is born, he will be called our "self." But before that happens, it's as if we don't exist at all.

We cannot know any of this ahead of time because we don't see the Creator. When we complete this work and build precisely ten Sefirot, rather than nine or eleven, then the result will be called the Creator -"Come and See" (Bo- Re). We will reveal ourselves and the Creator together because a person cannot be revealed without the Creator and the Creator without man; they can only exist together.

We don't have any example or image of what the middle line is. We have to search and ask for it in order to begin finding the examples and the connection. That is how we start to see the game that the Creator is playing with us by awakening different feelings in us; this is His way of giving us hints to help us find the middle line.

Otherwise we won't be able to understand it; we can only find the middle line by searching for it and trying to imagine it while in the darkness. This is the entire art and work of building the "Temple"-the manifestation of the Creator's image on all levels of our desire: still, vegetative, animate, and human.


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