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The Daily Page - 10-02-10

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

What Is “Sin” And What Is “Woman’s Sin”?


What is "sin" from the perspective of Kabbalah?

Sin is separation from the Creator regardless of a person's spiritual level. He might have gone through 99% of the spiritual ladder or just 1%, but no matter how powerful his connection with the Creator, if he disconnects from this connection, it is considered sin. He falls into reception instead of bestowal, where bestowal is synonymous with connection.

There are several levels of sin. The smallest sin is when a person separates from the Creator but does not yet lose his connection or similarity to the Creator. A greater sin is when the Creator disappears; this means that a person's qualities are opposite to the Creator. A sin that's greater yet is when a person submerges into darkness and senses the opposite side of the Creator. But the greatest sin of all is when a person becomes opposite to the Creator and unites with the Pharaoh through his hatred for the Creator. Thus, there are different degrees of sin, from simple distancing to total opposition.

The opposite of sin is "commandment"-unity, adhesion, closeness. It also has different degrees, just like the three phases: conception, feeding, and adulthood, which are degrees of adhesion. Both sin (separation) and commandment (closeness) can only take place and be experienced in a group because the group is the unity of desires or souls. And through them, these qualities are felt in relation to the Creator. All good and evil are measured inside a person's connection with the environment. This is the only way to check and correct any state (spiritual or corporeal), and the only way to always preserve and strengthen unity and love.

A woman's sin is to think that there is no difference between the spiritual work of men and women, and to be of the opinion that everything must be completely equal, down to erasing all the differences and boundaries. My advice is to try and develop the inner feeling of unity and love for other women in Bnei Baruch, even to the point of loving them. See how much you are capable of this. This will enable you to understand what nature really demands from a woman: to help and support the men, because they are capable of attaining the unity of souls.


Becoming A Conductor Of The Light


Quality is much more important than quantity. There is an infinite variety of plants in the world, but the significance of one flower is equal to all the still matter in the whole universe. One animal is equal to all the plants in the world. And one person is equal to all the rest of nature. This is how different the levels are; they are separated by an abyss.

If we were to gather all the stones in the whole universe, it would be impossible to make even one flower grow out of them, because a flower contains life. It develops, which is a quality that the still level of matter lacks. A person's development is entirely unique and cannot be understood through a simple analysis. It would seem that every person has a very small force, whereas in reality, that force actually has great quality.

Therefore, an event such as the Congress where we unite produces a very powerful force. All the stars in the universe are practically worthless compared to the value of human thought. Today scientists are revealing that our thoughts influence physical processes, such as the behavior of elementary particles in the Large Hadron Collider.

In reality, our thoughts control all the stars, as well as everything on the vegetative and animate levels of nature. All of this is the result of man's attitude, thoughts, and desires. This is why it is written that all parts of nature are inside man, and there is nothing for us to correct besides our thoughts. This is how we correct the whole world.

Light comes into this world through a system called "man," because this system is higher than all the rest, and the Light expands from above downward. To the extent this system is united or disunited, meaning corrected or not, that is the extent to which the Light reaches all the other parts of nature (still, vegetative, and animate), and it determines how we see the world.

Therefore, it is written that all of nature is inside a person and it ascends or descends along with him. If I ascend, I attain a greater connection with others, and thereby correct the common soul. Through me, a greater Light comes to all of nature, and thus nature also connects and reaches greater harmony.

I am the center of all of nature. I am surrounded by the still, vegetative, and animate levels, but I am the one who determines their correction. When I complete my correction, these levels will disappear and become part of me, because they really are parts of me and my own reflection.


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