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The Daily Page - 17-01-10

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

Be Your Own Psychologist


A person must be his own spiritual psychologist; he always has to keep track of which way his "scale" is leaning:  towards goodness or evil. As well, he must analyze all of his qualities and work on them. He must check every one of his qualities to see what it is and where it belongs because through these qualities, he will begin to feel the Creator.

The Zohar talks about the system that governs and controls our qualities. In this system, the Creator is the One who implements all the actions within these qualities. He invites us to get to know Him through all of these qualities, their actions, and this entire system. This is the only place where we can meet Him. In The Book of Zohar, He is telling us a story through which we can start to recognize Him, the qualities He created, how He connected them with one another, and how we can start checking them.

In this way we discern the system, its structure, and its functionality, as well as the force that operates it. This is how we will get to know the Creator since this system is a connecting link between us and the Creator.

This system will disappear at the End of Correction because there will be nothing left to conceal and connect. There will be an absolute, universal connection.


One On One With The Creator


We are now working on developing the right approach to The Book of Zohar. This is the greatest challenge facing us because we do not understand this book. We have to look at the narration differently than we've ever done before. After all, we have never looked inside ourselves, but always outside. We always pointed to something outside of us, trying to discern it and learn what it is. But now we have to conduct an inner observation and point inside ourselves, which is a very unusual thing to do.

When we read the words, "Job, Pharaoh," and so on, we immediately think of history, geography, relationships between people, and all kinds of other external things. But Kabbalah says, "No, on the contrary, you have to look inside yourself and search for these things there." Yet, we don't understand how to do this and where to look for all of this inside us. It would be easier if we at least experienced some inner sensations while reading about "Pharaoh," for example. But this doesn't happen; instead, we suddenly begin to think about a person that lived in Ancient Egypt 5000 years ago. This is our problem.

In reality this false perception was arranged deliberately so that while imagining all of these things externally, we would force ourselves and make efforts to imagine it inside us. We go from the imaginary world to the world of forces, desires, and qualities by trying to look inwards of our own accord and searching for the Creator there. This helps us come out of our current, illusionary world and focus on the inside in order to see and reveal the Creator there.

Then we reveal that this world does not exist, and neither do Pharaoh, Bilam, Balak, Job, and all the other impressions that The Zohar evokes in us. None of it exists; these are all forces that the Creator awakens in us in order for us to recognize Him: the single existing force. Then all of these numerous forces and qualities disappear and you remain one on one with the Creator. To get there, however, you had to raise yourself, expand, and build yourself to such an all-enveloping size that enables you to understand Him, to feel Him, and to be fulfilled by Him.

This is the unity between the Creator and the creation which we have to achieve through equivalence of form. And The Book of Zohar teaches us all of this.


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