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The Daily Page - 04-12-09

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Making Peace Between The Hatred And The Love


The quality in which we are soaked enables us to perceive only what enters us, and we must make efforts to develop in us a new quality, a sense of perception through bestowal, to begin feeling what is found in someone else which appears to my eyes as external to me.

I must connect to the others' senses and accept them as if they were my own, thus I expand my Kli (vessel). Imagine to yourself: I attach to my five senses, to the brain, to the feeling and to everything I have, what you have as well, and look at everything through both me and you. Now imagine to yourself that you attach to you all the people in the world this way. And it is not that I connect them to myself and become greater in my inner perception, but rather although I join them to me they remain outside of me.

And then through perceiving the things outside of me as if they were my own, I acquire "Aviut" (coarseness) (by you remaining a stranger to me), and "Zakut" (purity) (because you become like me). There is a double gain here. And then my perception is called "spiritual perception." We need to think of these things a little more gently.

When I operate this way, I acquire a sense that is more exalted than my current sense. I enter the other and look through him, but this other remains a stranger to me, because we do not cancel the Aviut between us.

Precisely in this state, in the condition that we remain distant, we build the connection, the bridge between us. And then instead of annulling the ego, we connect above it, and expand the intensity of our perception.

When we speak about this, people think that we are talking about feeling the other as myself, similarly to a Kabbalist in our world, but that is not true. Such an approach cancels the difference between people, and this is not good, because all you acquire through it is the other's small ego.

Whereas by us wanting to connect among us above the ego that erupts in us, we obtain spiritual Aviut, reveal the Klipa (shell) between us, and then above it reveal the spiritual world. There is no other way. In other words, the more you expand your vessels of reception the more egoistic you become, acquire greater Aviut and feel more how much you hate, are repelled by, and distant from the others. And you do not erase this gap, but build above it new connections. The problem is that it takes the group a long time to grasp that those two opposite things need to live together and assemble the middle line which connects between them.

Therefore it is said that the spiritual world is above us, above our ego, in the place where we can build the connections between us without canceling the ego that is truly burning inside of us.

We must hear about it more and more and make efforts to implement it. The problem in the group is that we want to cancel everything between us that hinders us. But real annulment is working together with what is revealed between us. And this is the whole difference between the method of Kabbalah and other methods and religions. This left, the bursting ego, the evil in a person stays, and thank God it exists. As the Kabbalists write, "I created the evil inclination, and I created for it the Torah as a spice," meaning that all the corrections are only as a spice for the evil inclination, in order for us to use it properly.

Therefore we must not be ashamed of all the atrociousness that exists in each and every one, there is no need to hide it, or be a gentle soul. On the contrary-this is me, and these are the qualities I was born with. Yes, I am disgusting, I know. But above this, with all the atrociousness that exists in the connection between me and the others, I build my connection with them. It is not simple, because you must cling on to two opposite things-both love and hatred at once. How? Precisely when we try to do it in this one, only, and special method, and realize that we cannot.

We can stay in our ego until the end, or cancel it and make good kids out of ourselves, but we are incapable of being in both of them simultaneously. And then we require the Upper Force that will make this peace between us, the completion that will allow both the left and the right to exist together. You need a Creator here, the third force, and then you discover that He exists precisely in the stitch between the hatred and the love. 

And if He exists, then He ties between the hatred and the love, as it is written, "Man and woman, and Shechina (Divinity) between them." Otherwise the bestowing force and the receiving force cannot exist together. Only the Upper Force makes the "peace in His heavens" and the "peace among us," the "completion" between the two lines.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is the only method which brings you to the necessity of help from above, because you are standing, not knowing what to do. And when we discover things like that in the group, we want to escape - or break everything apart out of hatred or cancel the ego in order to attain love.

But this is exactly the point where we must demand the Upper Force to correct us and bring us the completeness. All kinds of situations are deliberately arranged for us from Above so that we will operate the prayer and the Light will come, correct, and be revealed. And this can happen here and now. We must only see the situation correctly and demand the correction without running away and allowing one line to neutralize the other. It is not simple, but it is actually happening here and now, and not in some faraway spaces. 


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