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The Daily Page - 10-05-10

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

Has Anyone Called The Spiritual Ambulance?


I don't lack problems in life. Sometimes it seems that I am so sick and tired of everything; I have no desire left for any of it. Thus, I have to set aside for a moment all that is animalistic and earthly and discern the most important thing: What are my current relationships with those around me? I hate them; I don't care about them one bit; they might as well disappear for all I care. This negative, which I aim at the environment, is my evil inclination.

It is being expressed as a result of the breaking of our souls. We were once united, but now we are discovering the reverse-total disconnection. This discovery is extremely important; it is what I need. I mustn't discard these negative moments, but collect them. They show me how much I hate others, and it's wonderful that this is being revealed! Yes, I hate them and scorn them; they make me sick to my stomach. We are mind-boggling distant from each other-and that's wonderful. Now I have an opportunity to begin the correction.

Thus, I start moving toward them. I make efforts, participate in the study and in dissemination, in order to feel at least some sort of connection, to bend down anywhere I can. If I feel that today I am powerless even to look at my friends, then I have to take on some sort of mechanical work that benefits the goal, until I gradually return to the general flow.

Every person can be cast down into a state from which he cannot rise on his own. That is why he is simply obligated to receive support from his group and from our entire world community, like someone who has lost consciousness and needs outside help.

On their part, the groups have to identify these cases and immediately offer emergency, professional help to the "victims," like doctors that save the patient's spiritual life. When doing this, we don't "stomp out" the evil in a person, but offer support in order to awaken him and bring him to the middle line, which will build him up. Then all the evil will turn to goodness.


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