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The Daily Page - 26-05-11

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

The Formula of Returning to Goodness


A person who opens The Book of Zohar, opens it in order to reveal the Creator. By definition, the science of Kabbalah is the method of revealing the Creator to creation in this world. Otherwise why would Kabbalah and all of Torah be given to us? The Creator becomes revealed in the desire to bestow and love in a person. This desire is equal to the Creator in qualities, and the Creator becomes revealed in it according to the law of equivalence of form.

Thus, the Creator is the quality of bestowing and loving, the force of bestowal and love, "the Good who does Good." How, then, can we achieve the desire to bestow and love, the Good who does Good? By connecting with each other in spite of every person's egoistic forces that mutually repel one another and by building a net of good connection between us above the net of hatred. By building a net in which every person is good and does good, bestows and loves in relation to others.

But how do we do this if each of us is just a small egoist? We read The Book of Zohar, which talks about our corrected states in which we are connected by a good connection between us, and we desire for this to come true inside of us. In that case we receive an impression of those good states, which already exist in infinity. This impression, the influence of forces from our corrected states upon our current state, is called "surrounding Light" or "the Light that returns us to the source of goodness."

Then, according to the formula, "I created the evil inclination and I gave the Torah for its correction, because the Light in it returns to the source," we return to the source-the Good who does Good. Thus, we reveal the Creator, the Good who does Good, our root.


From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 05/26/11, The Zohar


Getting Through to the Elites


Question: How will the changes happen in the education system-by the initiative of the government from above, or pressure from the masses from below?

Dr. Laitman's Answer: Leaders are only afraid for their "seats" and nothing else. If the masses come out to the streets and start shaking those chairs, and they aren't just setting cars on fire but starting to making more serious actions, then the leaders start listening to their demands. In the end, they will have to agree to them. The question is: Will we be able to offer them our explanation of the necessary measures? We have to try to do that as much as we can.

One way or another, we have to get through to the leaders, but from both sides: from below, through the masses that go out onto the street, and from above directly. After all, we are talking about a global study of the world, about changes in education, and about building a worldwide system of upbringing in which everyone will study while receiving a specific salary for it, the means for sustenance.

This learning will take place instead of work, but in reality it will become people's work in the spiritual sense. Every person will attract Light to the extent of his forces and capabilities, and this will be his reward. After all, the Light holds all of the abundance there can possibly be.

How many people are required to provide the vital necessities for all of the earth's inhabitants? Clothing, food, construction, service-everything that's necessary within the framework of a normal existence? For example, people will work for half a day and will study for half a day. And this will be done by everyone.

However, this can only be achieved through the leaders, or more precisely, through the public opinion, through people who think, including scientists, sociologists, political scientists, and all those who rise above the mass, but not too high. After all, the very top is occupied by the "destroyers," whereas we are talking primarily about the university circles.


From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 05/26/11, "Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah"


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