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The Daily Page - 21-12-09

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

Returning To Consciousness


I have a desire, and apart from it nothing exists.  Inside this desire there is something called, let's say, "David," "Abraham," "Isaac," "Moses," "Joseph," "right," "left," "middle," "hell," "Garden of Eden," etc., all sorts of things, and everything is inside the desire. It is impossible for me to feel something, describe something, or think of something which is not the desire. The Creator created only the desire. And now I must begin to get to know my desire. I live in it, but I do not know how I live. I operate it, it operates me. This is called living "unconsciously."

The Zohar begins to bring me back to consciousness. It begins to explain to me what my desire consists of, how I influence the desires, how I arrange them, correct them, update them. Thus for instance, I cannot work with my main desire called "David," "Malchut." In this desire I must receive corrections from "Abraham," "Isaac" etc. Meanwhile I only hear this, but I want to get to know it. All of this is my desire, it exists within me.

If I want to be familiar with this desire, if I yearn for it like a baby, then the Surrounding Light comes to me from a clearer state and shines upon me, and I begin to slightly feel that state. I begin to attribute a feeling to every discernment:  this is not so good, that is a little more pleasant, this is slightly down, that is slightly up, and thus I advance, because we have nothing except for the feeling.


Stepping Out Of The Movie


One needs to think about the perception of reality and get used to all of the definitions; as Baal HaSulam says so that they will be placed inside him like in a box. From now on, this is the way in which I look at the world. I must leave the habit of looking at the world as if it exists outside of me, which has been inherent in me from the moment I was born until today. Enough, I am returning to the truth; I no longer want to be in this photographic, imaginary picture.


The Right Way To Look At Reality


When reading The Zohar, we encounter names such as Jacob, Esau, Abraham and Noah, but if we interpret them through our previous notions about the Torah, seeing it as a historical tale, then we will be completely confused and will entirely misunderstand what The Zohar is talking about. We have to go into an empty vacuum in outer space where there is no earth and nothing that ever took place there; all of it had only seemed real to us. Time, motion, and space are an illusion which only exists in our imagination. We think that something existed thousands of years ago, and that we are now doing archaeological excavations of it; we are even finding bones as proof of its existence. Yet, all of this exists only in our perceptions, which we call reality.

However, now we want to rise to the right understanding-to see the desire which contains Reshimot (informational genes). This is what we want to research, instead of the archaeological excavations.

I want to see this entire world inside my desire, since that is the only place where it really exists. I have to shift to perceiving the true reality instead of an imaginary one. I want to see the people around me as various forms or images inside my desire, instead of the physical bodies that appear before me. I want to see how all of reality-even the Creator-is contained inside my desire. Then my reality will be called Malchut of the World of Infinity.

I have to unite everything into one, since everything is contained inside one desire. The reason I see different images, actions, and movement across time and space (both in spiritual and material time and space) is because the Light, the Creator, is operating inside my desire. In this manner, gradually, step by step, He leads me to the true understanding of His actions.


When They Turn The Lights On In The Movie Theater…


If I want to see the true reality, I mustn't imagine anything other than my own desire. This is how we were born and how we have been conditioned to see this movie, where the whole world seems to be outside of us. However, all of it exists only inside our desire. We will have to fight a war with ourselves in order to be convinced that everything happens inside the desire. This does not revoke the reality, since the desire is the reality.

We think that a desire is simply when I want something. However, desire is everything! The wall that blocks my path is also a desire-I am coming up against a desire! Everything that happens around me is desires or forces, which are depicted this way on my screen. When you look at a photograph on a computer screen, you don't think that all of these real objects are hiding inside the computer. You know that this picture is created by electrical forces. However, when you look at our world, you don't realize this. And that's because you don't see the screen on which this world is projected.

Yet, in reality, everything taking place is simple. What you see on a computer screen seems to be happening outside of you, on the screen, and from there the image enters your eye, is processed, compared with what is stored in your memory and is then recognized with the help of electro-chemical processes in your brain. However, when you are seeing the world, you see it inside yourself, in your brain. That is where you see a projection of this world, as if it is outside of you! However, it's also a screen where electrical forces are depicting a picture on it. Meanwhile, however, you think that this picture lies somewhere on the outside.

If we approach this true perception with the help of The Zohar, then we will see a world of forces and qualities before us. These forces and qualities are operated by one general force, the Creator. Upon reaching this vision and realization, we will reveal the Creator, which we desire so much.... This revelation takes place inside our desire, to the extent of its equivalence of form with the Creator. The entire Zohar is aimed only at revealing the right perception of reality.  


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