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Attracting The Light  

Imagine yourself in the corrected state and from there attract the Light that Reforms.

I need to think only about the Light that Reforms. I don't want to make efforts that waste my energy on all kinds of clarifications and philosophizing about my inner states, since such efforts are completely useless if they interfere with the effort to attract the Light that Reforms. 

We develop through the Surrounding Light that comes from the corrected state, the state in which I am found together with the friends as one man with one heart. From this same state, I want to attract the force of bestowal which connects us. In our current state, we have the forces of animosity and rejection. And in the corrected state, we are one heart that burns and connects between us, the general force of the Creator, the force of Love. I don't need to look for the states in advance, to define them, etc., but to yearn for them. That's it. What must happen, will happen. I need to imagine the corrected, good state, as if it already exists here and now. By doing this, I attract its force. I only need to imagine, as much as I can, myself in this state, as if I am already in Gmar Tikkun (End of Correction). It doesn't matter if it is only one small step above my real state, because for me this is Gmar Tikkun.  


-from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/15/10 (minutes 29-33)



Daily Kabbalah Bites

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