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Only Together

The correct connection with others is the disclosure of Divinity.

Each person participates in studying with his deficiencies and desires, with his brain, and heart, in his unique way of discovering things: how he grasps them, how he reaches the goal through them, what is the goal, and what are all these forces of Aaron in me, the ox in me, etc. A person tries to describe the writings of The Zohar in his own way and gets confused.

He adds his confusion to the general confusion and frustration, to the general deficiency. Through revealing the picture, he tries to reach connection, and by way of connection to discover this picture, which is actually the Creator, Divinity. From the confusion, doubts, and general feelings that arise during the studies, by wanting to include them all together, from this we raise MAN (Mayin Nukvin-Female Water). This is called that they are surrounding Mount Sinai. And so then the Light that Refoms comes. It comes to us in spite of all the darkness, the confusion, and lack of understanding; in spite of all the questions that arise, i.e., where is this picture in me? Where is my connection with others? The Light arrives through the deficiencies and the confusion, through the cloud we created together and that operates on each one of us.

Through this pattern, to the extent that he participates, man receives the deficiencies and distinctions of others, also those of his own. Disclosure comes from this. You receive the form from the Light, according to how much you wanted to connect, according to how much you didn't understand, in what confused you, and what you longed for. You receive from the Light a copy of how much you were incorporated in the others.

The Light brings a person the correct connection between us all. It brings the correct understanding that a person sees himself connected to others. From within this understanding, you begin to discover the attributes that The Zohar speaks about. These attributes cannot be found in any of us, not Aaron, calf, etc. These attributes are either for or against the connection with others. They cannot exist in one person. The holiness and the shells are either for or against the connection. Thus, the Light that Reforms brings me the form of connection. Thus, man, by himself, is not able to locate even one thing that exists in The Zohar, since MAN rises and MAD (Mayin Duchrin -Male Waters) descends through the common confusion.

These pictures don't exist in one man alone, but in the connection between people. One person alone is not able to feel what The Zohar talks about. Each distinction talks about the general, about how to connect to others. Thus, when a person receives the Light, he receives an understanding and a feeling about the corrected system, Screen and the fulfillment, the Returning Light. If the correct connection is reached with others, it is called that Divinity was disclosed to him. Thus, except for this connection of lack of connection, the Upper Light doesn't reveal more. There is nothing else to be disclosed except for this.

-from the 1st part of the daily Kabbalah lesson (minutes 65- 73)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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