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Study Only From the Writings Of Baal HaSulam

There are no Kabbalistic writings suitable for our generation except those of Baal HaSulam.  If we work with them properly they will be sufficient for us to achieve all our objectives.  Although Kabbalah  is a vast and deep method about which many books have been written, there is no Kabbalist who uncovered it in a way more suitable for our generation - during the return to the land of Israel and while living in an integrated world - than Baal HaSulam.  Baal HaSulam's Kabbalah is the Kabbalah of the end of correction; therefore, we cannot replace it with anything else.  Baal HaSulam wrote his books for our generation, for a world that needs to enter correction, for souls that are interconnected, and not for generations in which souls corrected themselves individually. 

 From Part 1 of the daily Kabbalah lesson,  (mins 25:37 - 35:09)


Daily Kabbalah Reality Check


Malchut (Kingdom) - Our "House"

The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us that the perfect state, in which all humanity and each part of reality is connected together as one in complete harmony, already exists.  However, each one of us is in a different stage of development and attains a different part of this same state.

The measure of a person's becoming closer to his perfect state, by means of acquiring the attribute of bestowal, is called in books of Kabbalah by various names, such as: "Malchut" (Shechina- Divinity) and Zeir Anpin (Small Face) -The Holy One Blessed be He or Shechin. The extent of closeness of Malchut to Zeir Anpin (henceforth, ZA) is the measure of a person's closeness to the perfect state.

This resembles a house (Malchut) that all of humanity shares, but the extent of its use and the reality of each one in it, depends solely on his desire. The house is, as if, "waiting" for us to be ready and to want to come and use it.

To the extent that a person's desire to identify with the attribute of bestowal is more than with his natural attribute of reception, he then enters that same "House," or in the language of Kabbalah, "raisies Malchut to Zeir Anpin."  Even though the "Malchut" is already found in the perfect state, only a man's desire will allow him to enter it. This is to say that to the extent a person acquires the attribute of bestowal, he attains within him a greater extent of the perfect state of Malchut.

In this way man corrects the "breakage"- the corporeal perception in which he feels his desires and lives only for them. To the extent that man acquires more of his perfect state, and acquires more of the attribute of bestowal, he "enters within" and feels that he exists in another "House," one that is perfect, in which all the desires of humanity exist in harmony. Only then will he pass from a restricted life focused on his fulfillments, to an eternal life to enjoy the ability to fulfill others.

 From Part 2 of the daily Kabbalah lesson, (minute 22)


Daily Kabbalah Definition

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Knesset Israel is Malchut de Atzilut, which gathers all the souls inside it. When all the souls are corrected Malchut will grow bigger and more important and will be equal to Zeir Anpin. Then Malchut and Zeir Anpin will be two great lights-the Creator and the created being, in adhesion, in being equal.

 From Part 2 of the daily Kabbalah lesson, (min 14:02 - 14:45)


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