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Is suffering necessary?

There is no reason for suffering in the physical world. I must be concerned with what is essential and all the rest to pass to spirituality. Necessity includes also exiting from suffering, since according to our nature, if we aren't provided with at the necessary level of corporeality, then we are not able to work in spirituality. If you are lacking at the level of the animate, you can not be in the (next) level of speaking.


 - from the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/22/10 (minutes 44-46)


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What is the attribute of "Avraham" that we must acquire in order to be similar to the Creator?  

"Avraham" is the first, basic attribute that we need to acquire in order to be similar to the Creator, in order to try to bring him "satisfaction" in the same measure that He brings it to us. It is the attribute of Hesed (mercy) with whose help the Kli (vessel) is already prepared to receive the Light of Hochma (wisdom).

The Light of Hochma that reaches the Kli, Light AB- SAG (name of a special Light), doesn't arrive as light of fulfillment, but as light of correction (AB in gemetria is  Hesed). It gives the Kli the Light of Hassidim. In this Light of Hassidim, force of bestowal, the Kli that exists in restriction can remove its limitations, and in that place where there aren't any prohibitions, it is possible to receive there the Light of Hochma for the sake of bestowal. This first correction of the Kli in the Light of Hassadim which comes from Bina (intelligence) and opens the gates is called, "Avraham."

This means that the first stage of correction that is revealed is called the act of Avraham, acting on the desire to receive that needs to be arranged according to the letters, "Avra ham." What does this refer to? It says that with us the Kli develops according to 49 gates of Bina and it begins to work in a corrected fashion, for the sake of bestowal. Thus this is the first holy name, the pattern that the "desire to receive" receives for itself and works according to, for the sake of bestowal with the Creator, and consequently it is called holy.


- from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/22/10


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