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The society connects between me and the Creator, and I need to build a correct connection with the society.   

All of our work is clarifications. All of the thoughts and desires that come to us must go through a clarification filter. We must make clarifications on each thought and desire, like a permanent filter, and after the clarification, a person needs to strengthen himself in the situation of "clean palms, and upright," which is to say that the point in his heart is adhered to the Creator above everything. In order to execute this, there needs to be some connection with the Creator. This connection can exist only on the condition that the person receives support from the society.

The Creator wants the person to advance, and the person can advance only when the need for a society grows and becomes stronger, and by means of this, he acquires additional Kelim (desires). If a person strengthens his connection with the environment, in advance, that it will support him, and he correctly filters all the obstacles and clarifies them, then he will advance. 

Our work constantly needs to be safeguarding the connection with the Creator through the society. The society is like a telephone cable that connects between two phone receivers. And if the society doesn't create the connection with the Creator for me, then I am not able to hold it. When clarifications come, it is called that the previous connection was severed and I need a stronger connection. Only the society can give me the beginning of a stronger connection so that I can continue forwards.


 -from the Preparation to the daily Kabbalah lesson (minutes 12-17)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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