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Counter Help

As the Convention approaches, how does one rise above the frictions in the group?

One needs to see frictions as counter help. The Creator says to connect and I say to disconnect. The Creator says compromise to the friends and I say don't compromise, but control them with a firm hand. The Creator says to work from within happiness, and I say not from within sadness and from within bondage.

These arguments exist within the person all the time until he arrives at receiving the ten plagues/blows. We must understand that we decide who will control, the Creator or Pharaoh.

We need to understand that we are between the positive and negative all the time so that we can decide from within free choice. We must agree to receive upon ourselves the "blows/plagues of Pharaoh," which are not pleasant when they come to us, and to receive them in happiness since they help us rise above the ego. After a few blows, I already exit Egypt, am already in control. The work is not on ourselves but towards the environment, in correcting the relation to others. We mustn't be confused about that and change the direction of our efforts.


 - from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 03/22/11 (minutes 25-29)


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