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We need to study together with one thought:  Where is the force of connection?

There are a lot of activities and many things to go through until we will feel the necessity of connection. First of all we need to hear that connection is the principle, and afterwards to search how to execute the connection because I was told that it is important.

When I understand that the connection is in the group, I need to reach the group and cancel myself in its presence, to work with the group and use it in the correct way. In parallel, I need to study and to have the correct intention while studying. I need to open the book in order to reach connection with the group.

It takes at least a few months until a person begins to feel that he has arrived at some kind of force of connection. He feels that the friends are important to him; he begins to feel that he has some tendency to connect; he already agrees that it's important and begins to come to the lessons in order to connect, in order to attain the force of connection, and does all kinds of actions in the group for the sake of the goal. And, the goal turns into being the connection and not the Creator or spirituality.

It will already be revealed to him from within the connection. If we make the effort and study together, then during the lessons we will together discover the force of connection. We all need to sit and study together and think only about one thing: Where is the force of connection between us and when will it be revealed.


- from the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 03/14/11, Globalization (minutes 25-32)


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Shabbat (Sabbath) Evening

What is "Shabbat evening" in spirituality?

This refers to our desires, how they connect together into a special connection that is called, "Shabbat evening," which is the summary of all the corrections that we made on the level we are on. We passed all the corrections in HGT-Hesed (mercy), Gvurah (bravery), Tifferet (splendor)  and NHY (Neshama (soul), Haya (animal/alive), Yechida, and we arrived at our completion. This is called the 7th level, Shabbat.  On this level we don't execute any addition correction, but the connection between everyone that was made on the 6th day is revealed to us and its revelation is this special state that is called, "Shabbat." In this revelation we don't execute any action but the revelation comes from Above. Thus it is called, "awakening from Above." Therefore, this is a special day with a special meal served: with Hallot (Jewish tradition breads), set table, candles, grace, and so forth, everything that belongs to the same occasion of reception of Light within the Kli (vessel).

After the connection we made between us on the 6th level, HGT NHY, we reach the use of the connection and from within this connection the Light is revealed according to the law of equivalence of form. This is called, "Shabbat," from the Upper world, part of the same great correction which was made between everyone and in the complete Kli.


 - from the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 03/14/11


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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