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Daily Kabbalah Bites - 17-03-10

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A Foul Drop (Tipah Srucha) And Secrets Of The Torah

What are "a foul drop" and the "secrets of the Torah" which we need to reveal?

"A foul drop" is that same broken connection, that same separation, which man discovers when he feels hatred to others. This is called the broken root of his soul that he discovers-This is already a spiritual revelation because it is directed toward others outside of him.

These broken connections were not revealed before the breaking of the vessels and this is why they are called "secrets of the Torah." The breaking of the vessels created a preparation to the revelation of the "secrets of the Torah" and they are revealed by the Light shining over the difficulties and problems, beyond the feeling of separation from others. We should desire to discover them-desire to discover and correct that gap, the same rift that is in the breaking of the vessels, and this is done by the Light that Reforms which is in the Torah.

-from the Preparation for The Zohar study (minutes 6-10


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A New Reality

When we gather together, our intention must be that the Upper Light will unite between us.

How should we be prepared for a new awakening and the strength of so many people in the country?  

We must be concerned that all the people who are now awakening will understand that the unity between us builds a new reality of connection between people, and that from this unity, all of us will begin to feel the new reality. We don't connect in order to be "good children," i.e., not to fight with each other, but rather from the desire to rise above this world and discover the spiritual Kli (vessel). We are not speaking about good relationships with each other. We aren't building Communism or Kibbutzim. The wisdom of Kabbalah doesn't exist for this. We are not looking for nice corporeal relationships, but we do want to discover spiritual relationships between us, which is fundamentally a completely different purpose.

The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us not to look for a connection on the level of this world. The connection, from the beginning, needs to be in order to build spiritual relations between us, in order to discover the Creator between us. And that's the way it will take place. The connection can't be made through efforts to behave nicely to others. We gather together because we must attract the Light that Reforms, that dwells between us. And the illumination will do the work and will build the spiritual vessels between us, and in these Kelim we will feel the reality of the Creator. We don't yearn to build a good and nice life, here in this world, on the face of the earth. Our purpose is something more lofty. 

If we reach inner, spiritual harmony, then of course we will feel completeness also in this world. But this can happen only on condition that we invite the Upper Light to take care of the connection between us, and don't try to act nicely by ourselves. Thus, when we gather together, we must have the intention that the Upper Light will unite us and not that we want to be together. Pay attention to the difference! I don't want to connect to you, but I want the Upper Light to connect between us. Without the Upper Light, I don't want to connect, since that would be a lie.

-from the 3rd part of the daily Kabbalah lesson (minutes 10-14)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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