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Focus On Actualizing The Desire

It's known that "there is nothing that can stand up to desire." And thus, the wisdom of Kabbalah explains to us that the advancement of each man in his life, corporeal or spiritual, depends solely on his desire.

For instance, if we look at a group of ten children that enjoyed playing soccer together when they were in 1st grade, and observe what has become of them forty years later, we will see that each has developed and found himself in a different place - one is an employee, the other a manager, the third is a business man, and the fourth a professor.  Why did each of them get somewhere else?

The Wisdom of Kabbalah explains that the nature of creation is the desire to receive pleasure (in short: the "desire to receive"), and because the inner tendencies and desires of each man is constructed differently, each man finds a unique place of his own to receive his gratification and pleasure.

If, for example, we take a man, who has a desire to be a manager and we give him a job as an employee, he will remain in a state of inner disarray and frustration until his desire pushes him to actualize his tendencies as a manager. On the other hand, if we were to take the employee and give him a position in management, he will ask himself: "What do I need this headache for? I'd much rather be a simple worker." And he will run back to his previous job.

This inner desire that exists in man makes him clearly feel that the level below him would feel like despair, and for the level above him he simply has no craving. This state is referred to as: "A man does not covet the king's daughter".

The Wisdom of Kabbalah tells us that at the top of the "pyramid of desires" stands a very special one, the desire for spirituality. And when this desire awakens in man, it enables him to be familiar with this pyramid of desires, and develop awareness to what drives him and all of humanity, and to know the reasons and the purpose for it.

Differently from the ordinary development in which man's desires push him to actualize things in his life, without any awareness to it happening, the desire for spirituality enables man to steer his development with his own hands. With that said, also in desires for spirituality there are degrees. Meaning, not all people have the same destiny in its attainment. Here certain people were meant to reach higher attainments than others. However, Kabbalists don't deal with this. Their advice to us is for us to focus on actualizing our desire for spirituality, which we received from above, and internalize it; all the rest is not up to us.

A man who invests in a society that is in this process and who acquires the importance of the goal from them, advances rapidly to the point of actualizing the desire given to him from Above.  And when this happens, he gains constant filling and wholeness.


Daily Kabbalah Definition

Definitions in the daily Kabbalah lesson guide a precise, spiritual approach to terms, & disqualify materialized corporeal definitions


Free Choice

Free choice only exists in spiritual development and it amounts to resembling the Creator, reaching  the highest degree of equivalence of form between the receiving force and the giving force. This is an opportunity that man receives in order to complete, by himself, his development program: to choose what is more important to him and less important, not by blind nature, but by self-operating toward the spiritual goal above all the events in his life.

The free choice is achieved only by the environment - by the correct connection to it man can understand the overall program, the Creator's thought, and advance by completing it in all of the steps of equivalence of form until his arrival at complete cohesion.

-from the Preparation to the daily Kabbalah lesson (minute 9)


Daily Kabbalah Tip

Advice in the daily Kabbalah lesson is recommended, practical tasks for advancing spiritually


To Adhere To The Greater Ones 

If you have just come to the study of Kabbalah, if you are just beginning your way to spirituality, my suggestion to you is to learn from the behavior of the "beginner" in our world.  What does a child of our world do? He attaches himself to the elders.  Look at them, at what they do, at how they think, at what they talk about-without any criticism. I am not saying that they are 100 percent, but aren't they greater than you to some extent?  So do away with all of your criticism and want to be like them. That's all. And from this you will advance. This is the way a man takes his first steps on the way to spirituality.

-from the Preparation to the daily Kabbalah lesson (minute 39)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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