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When in Descent, Peel an Onion  

It is recommended that when a person is in a descent to come to the kitchen and peel an onion 

It is worthwhile to hold the right intention. First of all, a person must commit himself towards the environment; that is, if there's a lesson, I will arrive; if I have a duty to fulfill, I will arrive. This is the first thing. The second thing is that a person must do all he can during his free time. He needs to execute jobs, without thinking, like a worker. The main thing is to be connected to the group. This will especially help him during a descent. When a person is in a descent, I recommend that he go into the kitchen and peel an onion. One immediately feels how effective working is.

You never operate according to what is written in the books, and when the overcoming of the new desire is revealed, you will always discover how you were wrong. At first you didn't discern that you were wrong, and now you do notice. As long as the new desires come, bigger ones, you will see with more precise resolution the extent to which you weren't correct in the previous situation. This is a good situation.  We mustn't be sorry about the past since what is past is already under the responsibility of the Upper Providence. We must look at what depends on us today. And what emerges from it, goes into the hands of the Creator tomorrow.


- from the 1st and 4th parts of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/26/10 (minutes 32-34 and 41-43)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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