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The Influence Of The Virtual Environment  

The New Internet system is an opportunity to choose the correct environment.

In every unity you find the Upper force. Even if evil persons connect together in a gang, the force of unity operates among them. The force between them is inverted since the Sitra Archa (other side-evil inclination) uses divinity in an inverted form. However, the force operates and it is impossible to break it. 

In our internet system, we insert the unity, our life's goal, and this invites the Upper force that operates the system. We mustn't forget that what operates on us when we enter the system is the force of connection and unity we receive from Above, i.e., the Creator's bestowal, His greatness. And within it is the Upper force.

Our attitude towards this system needs to of gentleness and awesome respect-no disrespect, and then you will feel the influence of the system upon you. We try to be in the system as one, to build some kind of response concerning ourselves that influences us.  I don't just enter in order to give my answer, but rather, I do it with the intention that it will have an influence on me.  

The intention is very important since I draw to this virtual place the force of the society by whose influence I wish to be changed. 

This system is my place to express my attitude towards the others. It's an opportunity to develop this attitude. By pressing the keyboard I connect with the society, with the environment by which I want to be influenced.


-from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/15/10 (minutes 42-48)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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