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Prayer Is Our Goal        

Should I worry about the purity of my work or the unity?

"Israel, The Torah, and Creator are One," is the way man should see things. Each individual adds to the general desire of the group and each one thus determines this. On the other hand, the individual receives the correct desire for prayer from the group, from the general. 

Later on the individual prayer for each one for connection returns to the prayer of many. The individual completes the general and completes himself. And thus it continues until we arrive at one correct prayer that needs to be: "And the nation of Israel sighed from the work."

This prayer is our goal. We can be confused and exchange goals and other attainments.  The studies and dissemination are only means and not the goals themselves. It is forbidden to be satisfied with the feeling that we are advancing on the path because we will continue to stay where we are. 

We need to see one goal before us- the revelation of the attribute of the Creator with us, the attribute of bestowal, and to demand it incessantly. If the individual stops this demand, he harms himself and his connection with Godliness.   Thus the prayer for many is so important, work of the general, in order to fulfill a constant, perpetual prayer.

By way of the group, this work is simpler.


 - from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/14/10 (minutes 16-22)


Daily Kabbalah Definition

Definitions in the daily Kabbalah lesson guide a precise, spiritual approach to terms, & disqualify materialized corporeal definitions


Bestowal Letters    

About the spiritual meaning of the twenty two "letters" according to the article about letters in the book of The Zohar

Each letter in the Hebrew language symbolizes forces, measures of the Upper bestowal on the Sefira Malchut (Kingdom). Thus if it receives a certain form of letter, it reaches a correction of the attribute that characterizes that same letter. And since Malchut includes all the souls, all the souls need to reach a connection with all the twenty two letters, all the types of forms that appear in the book of The Zohar, from the word, "In the beginning" (begins with Bet, the second letter in the Hebrew alphabet) up to the last word, " Israel" which begins with Yod (tenth letter in the alphabet). And the question asked in the article,"the Letters" in the book of The Zohar is: What is that same letter; what is that same main symbol that if one insists on it, then it is for sure that a person reaches correction?

The attribute of bestowal symbolizes for us the letters of Samech (fifteenth letter in the Hebrew alphabet) and Mem (thirteenth letter in the Hebrew alphabet) actually stand in the structure of Sefira Bina (Intelligence), and Bina is what directs all the corrections. The letter Samech signifies GAR (the first Upper three) of Bina, the level of the desire for benevolence, return from fear, that doesn't want anything, and it seems that nothing can be higher than that. Whoever reaches this level doesn't need anything except just to be in bestowal, only to be included within the bestowal, only to be above all of his desires. It doesn't matter to what extent he bursts into it.

The letter Mem signifies ZAT of Bina (lower seven of Bina), return to love, to receive for the sake of bestowal; included in it is also the letter Samech, and finally it also includes in it the deficiencies of the others in order to bestow to them. It seems that nothing could be better than this. Whoever has this attribute not only doesn't use the desire to receive for himself in any way (called Samech) but he also adds to himself deficiencies that he takes for others, from strangers, in order to bestow to them, in order to be like their Mother (called Mem). It turns out that these attributes of Samech and Mem as if cover up everything for us. 

In any case, the book of The Zohar tells us that these letters are namely forms of attitude, the connection with the Creator which actually symbolize the attributes of the Creator, but nevertheless they are not enough for a person to reach correction and revelation. Only the letter Bet (second letter of the alphabet), which symbolizes blessing, is the main attribute that brings a person to correction and thus it is especially with this letter that the world was created. And what is a blessing? A blessing is a remedy, a special force that we receive from Above. Thus, it is not the mind or feelings, or anything else that can be taken into account which would help reach spirituality, but that at the end of it all, it is only one thing that needs to be ahead of everything and that is a blessing from Above.


    - from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/14/10 (minutes 33-39)


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