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Internal Anxiety For The Connection

There is no way to examine the intention except to be in constant anxiety concerning the quality of the connection with others.

What do I get from examining my intention? I don't have the correct Kelim to examine the intentions, and in any case, I don't understand what the correct intention is. The important thing is the action, to do as much as possible in the studies, in the connection, in bestowing, in disseminating, in whatever is possible.

Make a list of your actions, not just physical ones, but write down everything you performed, everything you gave and passed on from your desire to others; that is, to the society or to Godliness.  In this you transfer your actions to others; you invest in them. It's like adopting a baby and investing in him, until he becomes closer to you than your own child. You don't invest as much in your own child, since you know that there is a natural connection between you, a corporeal one. But with an adopted child, you invest more because you have an inner anxiety that your connection is not enough, and thus you invest in him and he becomes valuable to you.

So we see here how much this inner anxiety is important for us in order to discover, through it, the love.  This is what we need with the Creator. Why didn't he create us connected to him from the beginning, in a natural way? Because this anxiety gives us the ability to develop. This inner worry for the quality and depth of the connection is what we are lacking. 


-from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/22/10 (minutes 39-43)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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